The poetry is not for fools

The greatest genius of Romanian poetry is Mihail Eminescu.  A poetic genius more recent is Nichita Stănescu. And in my poetic life both Romanian poets of genius are fundamental. But when it comes to poetry, if you’re not a poet of genius, you cannot understand that the poets are integral. They cannot be influenced, but only helped to develop some latencies.

My wife is writing now at his second book about Nichita Stănescu, after what her postdoctoral thesis was about Eminescu. And in the discussions on which we have about her book, we have arrived in this point: that Nichita/ Nikita is unitary from end to end of his work. That he was not influenced by anyone in his deep, although Eminescu and the old Romanian writers and many poets have liked to him.

And my wife, and she poet, understood this thing commenting poems in their entirety. For that just so you understand that Nichita thought and at 20 and at 50 years the same things fundamentally. The analysis on text makes us see the man and the fact that Nichita was not than a profound genius.

My literary pseudonym was Dorin Streinu, ie foreign longing. The literary pseudonym of my wife was Nika Dora, ie the longing defeats. And I, recently, I published the 9th volume from the collection Elected Works, from my works and I have not yet published any books from the adolescence literary of my wife.

And for that I know what means the poetry, just therefore I know that the poetry needs of real exegetes, of people who see things profoundly.

Thus, for my poetry, there is no one more qualified than my wife, which to do the literary exegesis at my work. Recently even she told me that she thinks to do that. Only that, now, she has others literary projects to which she is working, and I encourage her to work at what she does now.

The article title has, and it, its story. In my adolescence, those who dealt with poetry, with the art, with the reading, were considered „fools”.  By whom? By those for whom the dance and the sex were „their great science”.

Today, when someone analyzes my poetry from then, sees that I was not just a young…but a universe. That I was and I am a world. And that my poetry, from then, was very mature, and that, in definitive, I had the same interior maturity as today. Will find that I had principles, I had a way of seeing the world that exists in me and today. So that, the poetry is a complex science…and is not for nescient people. For someone to decipher my poetry, he needs of  much knowledge and experience, of much theology and philosophy.

Therefore, Eminescu needs not only of well-intentioned people, but of scholars able to see the deep of his life and of his work.

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