Icoanele Sfinților ortodocși ai Apusului

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Aici găsiți următoarele Sfinte Icoane ale Sfinților :
St. Abdon the Martyr of Rome (+ 303)
St. Adalbert, Apostle of Prussia in the 10th century
St. Afra, Penitent and Martyr of Augsburg (+ c. 304)
St. Aglais of Rome, whose life is connected with St. Boniface, m.
St. Agnes, Virgin-Martyr of Rome (+ c. 304)
St. Aidan of Lindisfarne, Apostle of N. England, with life scenes
St. Alban, Protomartyr of Britain (+ c. 304)
St. Alexandra, Martyr of Rome
St. Alexis the Man of God, of Rome
St. Alpinian, Priest of Castelsarassin
St. Amandus the Bishop of Maastricht
St. Ambrose of Milan (+ 397)
St. Anastasia of Old Rome
St. Anthony, Hermit-Monk of Froidemont (Liaroles)
St. Anthony the Roman (12th c.), Abbot at Novgorod, Rus’
St. Apollinaris, Bishop of Ravenna (1st century)
St. Arsenius the Great, of Old Rome & Scetis (+ c. 450)
St. Augustine of Canterbury, Apostle of England (+ 604)
St. Augustine of Africa, Bishop (+ 430)
St. Aurelia the Hermitess of Strasbourg
St. Aventinus the Hermit
St. Avitus of Clermont, Bishop (7th c.)
St. Baisar, Martyr
St. Barnabas, Apostle, Founder of the Church at Milan
St. Bede the Venerable (+ 735) from an illuminated MS.
St. Benedict of Nursia, Patriarch of Western Monks (+ ca. 547)
St. Boniface, Martyr of Rome
St. Boniface, Apostle of Germany (+754)
St. Botulf, Abbot of Boston (+680)
St. Brendan, Abbot, Founder of Clonfert, Navigator (+ 577)
St. Brennock, Abbot of Braunton
St. Brigid, Wonder-working Abbess of Ireland (5th c.)
St. Cadfarch of Wales
St. Caprasius of Agens
St. Cassian, Bishop of Autun
St. Cassian of Rome
St. Cecilia of Rome, Virgin-Martyr
St. Cedd, Bishop of London (+664)
St. Chad, Bishop of Lichfield (7th c.)
St. Charity, Virgin-Martyr of Rome (with Sophia, Faith, & Hope)
St. Chrysanthus, Martyr of Rome
St. Claudius, Bishop of Vienne in Dauphiny
St. Clement, Pope and Martyr of Old Rome
St. Clotilde, Queen & Nun of Paris
St. Colman, Bishop of Lindisfarne (Holy Island) (+ 676)
St. Colman of Oughaval (Oak Vale)
St. Columba, or Columcille, Abbot of Iona (+597)
St. Columban, Abbot of Bobbio (+ 615)
St. Columcille (Columba) of Iona (+ 597)
St. Comgall, Abbot of 8,000 Monks at Bangor (+ 603)
St. Constantine, Emperor (with St. Helen)
St. Crescens, Bishop & Martyr of Vienne, disciple of St. Paul
St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, Bishop, Wonderworker (+ 687)
St. Cyprian, Hieromartyr of Carthage (+ 258)
St. Cyriacus or Quiricus, Martyr
St. David of Wales, Bishop, Foe of Pelagianism (5-6th c.)
St. Daria, Martyr of Old Rome
St. Dionysius, Bishop of Vienne in Dauphiné
St. Dodolin, Bishop of Vienne in Dauphiné
St. Dominica, holy Martyr of Campania, Italy (ca. +303)
St. Domnolus, Bishop of LeMans
St. Donald of Ogilvie, Confessor of Scotland (of the 9 daughters)
St. Dunstan, Abp. of Canterbury (+ 988)
St. Dymphna, Virgin-Martyr, Patroness of Mental Illness
St. Eanswitha of Folkestone, Royal Abbess (+ 640)
St. Edmund, King of East Anglia, Martyr (+ 870)
St. Edward, King of England, Passion-Bearer (+ 979)
St. Egbert, Archbishop of York
St. Eilian
St. Emma the Foundress of Gurk (+ 1045)
St. Ethelbert, English King at Canterbury (+ 616)
St. Etheldreda, Royal Abbess of Ely (+ 679)
St. Ethelhard, Archbishop of Canterbury (+805)
St. Etherius, Bishop of Auxerre
St. Eugenia, Martyr of Rome (+ c. 257)
St. Faith, Virgin Martyr (with Sophia, Hope, Charity)
St. Faith, Virgin-Martyr of Agens in Gaul
St. Felicitas, Martyr of Carthage (3rd c.)
St. Felix, Apostle of East Anglia
St. Finan, Bishop of Lindisfarne, successor of St. Aidan (+ 661)
St. Florentius, Bishop & Martyr of Vienne in Dauphiné
St. Florentina, Abbess of Cartagena, sister of St. Leander
St. Frederick, Bishop of Utrecht (+ c. 879)
St. Fursey of Burgh Castle (+ ca. 648)
St. Galactorius, Bishop of Lescar, martyr
St. Gall, Apostle of Switzerland (+ 635)
St. Gaudericus, Confessor of Christ in Languedoc
St. Genevieve, Eldress and Wonderworker (+ 500)
St. Geoffrey, Abbot of Wearmouth / Jarrow (+ 716)
St. George, Martyr of Palestine, Patron of England (d. 303)
St. Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre
St. Germanus, Bishop of Paris
St. Gratus, Bishop of Oloron
St. Gregory the Great, Pope, Apostle of England (+ 604)
St. Gundleus, Welsh King and Penitent (6th c.)
St. Gwrnerth of Bardsey, Monk (6th c.)
St. Helen, Empress (with St. Constantine) (+ c. 330)
St. Hermagoras, Bishop in Aquileia, 1st c.
St. Hermenegild, Royal Martyr of Spain (+ 586)
St. Hilarion, Patron of Our Monastery (+ c. 370)
St. Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers (+367)
St. Hilda, Abbess of Whitby (7th c.)
St. Hope, Virgin-Martyr (with Sophia, Faith, & Charity)
St. Hubert, Bishop of Liège (+ 727)
St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Martyr of Old Rome
St. Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons (2nd-3rd c.)
St. Ita, Abbess of Killeedy (+ c. 570)
St. James the Apostle, of Compostela
St. Jeffrey – see St. Geoffrey
St. Jerome of Bethlehem, Priest, Abbot (early 5th c.)
St. John the Evangelist (1st c.), illuminated MS.
St. John of Beverley, Metropolitan of York (+ 721)
St. Joseph of Arimathea / Glastonbury (1st c.)
St. Julia, Virgin Martyr of Carthage (5th c.)
St. Justin of Rome, the Philosopher, Martyr (+ c. 165)
St. Justus of Alcala, Child-Martyr (+ c. 304)
St. Kenneth, Abbot of Kilkenny
St. Kevin, Abbot of Glendalough (+ c. 618)
St. Laurence, Great-Martyr, Archdeacon of Rome (+ 258)
St. Leander, Bishop of Seville, Spain–Apostle of the Visigoths
St. Leo, the Great, Pope of Old Rome in the 5th c.
St. Leonard, Abbot of Noblac, Limoges (+ 559)
St. Louis, that is, Luis, Martyr of Córdova in Spain (+ 855)
St. Llewellyn of Bardsey, Monk (6th c.)
St. Macarius the Roman
St. Mamertus of Vienne, Bishop (5th c.)
St. Martha, sister of St. Lazarus, co-apostle of S. Gaul
St. Martial of Limoges, Apostle and Martyr (3rd c.)
St. Martin, Bishop of Tours, Wonderworker (+ 397)
St. Martin, Bishop of Vienne in Dauphiné
St. Mary Magdalene, co-apostle of Southern Gaul
St. Matthew the Evangelist (Western fresco)
St. Maurice the Martyr of Agaunum (+ 286)
St. Maximus the Bishop of Turin, Italy
St. Melangell, Abbess in Wales
St. Melanie of Rome, Martyr
St. Michael Archangel (fresco, San Pietro al Monte)
St. Mildred, Abbess of Minster in Thanet
St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine of Africa
St. Natalina, Virgin-Martyr of Pamiers
St. Nectan, Martyr of Hartland in Devonshire (6th c.)
St. Noë Emerging from the Ark (Western Mosaic-Icon)
St. Odilia the Abbess of Hohenburg
St. Odo the Abbot of Cluny (10th c.)
St. Oengus the Culdee
St. Onesimus, Bishop of Ephesus, Martyr of Rome (1st c.)
St. Orentius, Bishop of Auch (+ 439)
St. Oswin, King of Deira (Northumbria), Martyr (+ 651)
St. Owen, Holy Hierarch of Wales
St. Palmatius, Martyr of Trier
St. Pastor, Martyr of Alcala (+ c. 304)
St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland (+ c. 461)
St. Paul, Holy Apostle – early Western iconography
St. Perpetua, Martyr of Carthage (3rd c.)
St. Peter – Chief Saint of England (a Western representation)
St. Peter the Deacon of Rome (+ 605)
St. Quiricus Martyr – see St. Cyriacus
St. Radegunda, Abbess of Poitiers
St. Richard, Royal Pilgrim of Wessex (8th c.)
St. Richarius, Abbot, Hermit, Founder of Celles (+ c. 645)
St. Rigobert, Archbishop of Rheims (+ 745)
St. Robert, Abbot of Blois
St. Romuald, Abbot-Founder of Camaldoli (+ 1027)
St. Sanctus, Deacon & Martyr of Lyons
St. Saturninus, Bishop and Martyr of Toulouse (+ 3rd c.)
St. Scholastica, Abbess, sister of St. Benedict of Nursia
St. Sebastian, Martyr of Rome
St. Sennen, Martyr of Rome (+ c. 303)
St. Servatus, Bishop of Maastricht
St. Sidonius Apollinaris, Bishop of Clermont (5th c.)
St. Sigismund, King, Hermit, Healer, & Martyr of S.-Maurice
St. Sigolena, Abbess of Troclar, Albi
St. Sophia, Martyr of Old Rome (with her martyred daughters)
St. Stephen, Protomartyr Archdeacon of Jerusalem (1st c.)
St. Stephen, King and Enlightener of Hungary (10th-11th c.)
St. Swithin, Bishop of Winchester (9th c.)
St. Sylvester, Pope of Old Rome (+ 335)
Synaxis of Saints of Albi
Synaxis of Saints of Béarn & Pays Basolie
St. Tatiana, Martyr of Rome
St. Thyrsus the Martyr of Trier
St. Trophimus the Apostle
St. Tysilio of Wales (Monastic founder, + 640)
St. Urith of Chittlehampton
St. Ursicinus, Bishop of Ravenna
St. Ursula, Virgin-Martyr of Cologne (Köln)
St. Valentine, Bishop and Martyr of Terni
St. Victor, Martyr of Marseilles (+ c. 287)
St. Victoria of Rome, Virgin-Martyr
St. Vincent of Agens, deacon & martyr (+ 300)
St. Vincent of Lérins, priest-monk, church writer (+ c. 445)
St. Vincent, Deacon and Martyr of Zaragoza, Spain
St. Vitus of Sicily, Youth-Martyr
St. Walstan the Generous, of Taverham
St. Wenceslaus, Prince at Praha in Bohemia
St. Willibrord, Apostle of Frisia
St. Winifred, Virgin-Martyr of Wales (+ c. 650)
St. Xenia, Martyr of Rome
St. Zoticus, Feeder of the Poor (+350)

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