The Uspensky Cathedral

St. Basil’s Cathedral

The Dormition Cathedral at the St. Sergius Trinity Lavra

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St. Innocent of Alaska


The Relics of St. Innocent of Alaska


The interior of Christ the Savior Cathedral of Moscow

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Sfinţii Optinei

St. Seraphim Orthodox Church in Shoshanguve, Gauteng Province, South Africa.


The first part of the Orthodox Baptism service, that would take place in the Narthex, if there was one.

Narthex portion of baptism service

Priests before Baptismal Font

Fr. Athanasius adds Oil to the Baptismal Waters


Babies about to be Baptized.

Babies about to be Baptized


Fr The Newly Illumined holding candles Receiving Holy Communion for the first time The Altar

Anna and Tassos with their Godchildren and their mother.

Johana, Tasos, Nicholas , Rachel and Anna

Citiţi mai mult



Icoane – Iulie

01 – Sf. Mc. Cosma si Damian

01 – Sf. Ierarh Leontie de la Radauti

02 – Sf. Stefan cel Mare

05 – Cuv. Atanasie

07 – Sf. Mc. Chiriachia

08 – Sf. Mc. Procopie

12 – Sf. Veronica

17 – Sf. Mc. Marina

20 – Sf. Prooroc Ilie Tesviteanul

22 – Cuv. Mc. Marcelia

22 – Sf. Maria Magdalena

22 – Sf. Maria Magdalena

24 – Sf. Mc. Hristina

25 – Sf. Ana

26 – Sf. Mc. Parascheva din Roma

27 – Sf. Mc. Pantelimon

28 – Sf. Irina

29 – Sf. Mc. Calinic


Imaginile te fac să vezi. Sfintele Icoane sunt ferestrele care te duc să vezi.
Nu minimalizaţi impactul imaginilor în viaţa dv. pentru că ele sunt cele care vă formează sau vă deformează din interior.


Pr. Dorin.

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