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These Slavonic liturgical texts were digitized and made available on line at the site, by the Priest Vladimir Sheen, of the Church of All Saints of Russia in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia, and Marina Yurevna Sheen, Professor at the Orthodox Gymnasium of St Sergius of Radonezh, also in Akademgorodok. [Akademgorodok, by the way, was built as as academic community, in a visually magnificent spot not far from the city of Novosibirsk; a well phrased web search will yield a number of links to further information on its history and location (including maps), and to photographs of the town and the area].


Liturgical Gospel Book

Богослужебный Апостол
Liturgical Epistle Book (Includes the Acts of the Apostles)

Постная и Цветная Триоди

Triodia, Fasting and Flowery (Triodion and Pentecostarion)

Oktoïkh / Oktoechos


Рядовая Минея
The services for the Saints, day-by-day

Праздничная Минея

Festal Menaion


Общая Минея

General Menaion



Chasoslov, Horologion

Следованная Псалтирь
Augmented Psalter


Selected Akathists

Priest’s Service Book

Жития святых

Lives of the Saints

Pr. Dorin.

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