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Gallery: Icons: Holly Mother

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Aici pentru mai multe Sfinte Icoane.

st. Gregory Dekapolites. „A Historical Speech, very profitable and most pleasing in many ways, about a vision which a saracen once had, and who, as a result or this, believed and became a martyr for our Lord Jesus Christ”

Saint Ignatius (Brianchaninov). „Statement on Islam and Muslims”

monk Georgij. „Debate that happened between the monk and three Moslem theologians”

John, son of Saban. „The Martyrdom of Abo, the Perfumer from Baghdad”

„A Word of Praise for St. Bessarion, Bishop of Smolyan”

„Orthodox Neomartyrs who was killed muslims”

Live recordings – the recordings made at the church during the Divine Services.

Easter – the Easter Singings.

Lent – the Repented Singings of the Lent

Sunday Vigil – the recording of the Sunday All-Night Vigil.

Saint Petersburg – the recordings of the choir of the Valaam Monastery Metochion in Saint Petersburg.

Video – the video-materials on Valaam, films, TV programmes, video-recordings are presented here.


Pravoslavie means Orthodoxy in Russian, .Ru is a Russian Internet domain, Pravoslavie.Ru is a Russian online magazine about Orthodox Christianity.

Pravoslavie.Ru home page (Russian Edition here)

Lectures In English

Orthodox Spirituality Lectures in mp3 format


Pr. Dorin.

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