About the Beauty of God in Creation

Many readers of creation, many contemplatives without faith, see in beauty a thing in itself and which doesn’t send to God. The pictures that don’t carry with them this gift of God, id est the beauty, demonstrate that they are creations of peoples that don’t know where to look. So that you see His beauty the God are due know to see. What to see? To see the depth from your person where through to see His deep the God. We don’t see the beauty, not because we can see it, but because we confound it with our desires.

Only that our desires, most frequently, are tellurics, are transients and not very constants. We want the easy things, the pleasant things and not that things who are girded with difficulties. The beauty is a thing girded with very hard difficulties, because the beauty is seen with the eyes of heart. And the eyes of heart must be clean, pure, to see His beauty of God. And don’t difficult to see His beauty if belief in God. If exists the faith in Him to see it anywhere. Anywhere you see is the greatness of Him, the power of Him, the pity of Him, the love of Him with us.

I met many artists and peoples in general that like the nature, the beauty but don’t shall have the beauty in themselves. In the Church of God, in the orthodox faith, we don’t only contemplate the beauty of God from creation but and enjoy of it in our being. From the Holy Baptism we live of beauty of gift as the inner and personal reality and not as alien reality. We live with the happiness, with the beauty in our being. And when we make prayers, and when we eat, and when sleep we living in happiness and not separate of it.

Therefore, when we talk about beauty, speak as a matter of fact about the personal salvation. Our salvation holds on to the presence of the beauty of the God in us. If we live in of His God’s light then we see beautiful the creation of God, we see beautiful the relations between us, we see beautiful everything. So that you see the beauty, paradoxically, be due to have it. See not firstly the mountains, the sea, so that its seemed beautifully, but firstly must clean our heart for see the beauty of God that surround us.

We need beauty like the air. There where the beauty is battered we meet with ugliness, with complaint, with dirt. The ugliness of house don’t consists in the fact that had unswept on low or that exist a smelt of perspiration, but in irrespirable non-spiritual atmosphere which find in house. If we didn’t confess our sins, if we didn’t clean, if we are not with our Savior, then we stink, are outwards of the beauty, are in deficiency of beauty. The beauty holds on grace, holds on beauty of heart. Because we have am ugly heart, sinner, therefore can’t see what immense beauty is in peoples and in God’s creation.

We know God from creatures and from Scriptures. The things of His hands tell us about Him. So that we hear His words we must receive Him in our heart and love His creation. The orthodox theology teaches us to see His presence as the reality that redeems us through the beauty that He offers us. If we attempt to the beauty of His world we are the true Antichrists. That who takes in derision the beauty of God lives in ugliness. Only if you see the world and the man as the God’s creatures then you become insatiable of beauty.

Father Dorin Octavian Picioruş

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  1. Dear Fr. Dorin ~ Father Bless!

    Thanks be to God for these blessed words. They are an inspiration to me.

    Kissing your right hand,

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