What is the roll out in top 100 Ro in wordpress?

You can see through wall? If you can, then you understood the big difference among the labor and charade. As in another tops of the blogs, in another reams, in the Romanian ream it exist many charades, considerably enveloped acts, but little authentic labor. In continuum we have idea that the system online of the blog is only for entertainment but not for a spiritual and cultural job, namely: for elevation.

Therefore, we meet at each step a ground of hard dilettantism and not a fundamental structure, a coherent creation, a dynamic and youthful preoccupation with ideation. Maugre the fact that the blog, is presupposed, that it is the appanage of the young man, it is observable a face very old of confidence in the life on the blogs. For this reason, the blog is not frequently a space of creation but a medium of destruction.

Why is possible…this situation? Because, the greed of confidence in life and in God is very small. The authors of blogs missed in non-important aspects or in abject problems, because they haven’t high goals. Failing of solid goals, the blogs become some engine of manipulation, focus of hubris…and many waste of time. On this premise, in the Romanian ream the cancans are predominating and not the dialogues.

The small groups of the interests want to dominate in illegal mod and they are manipulating rating of blogs. The first Romanian blogs from WordPress, modifies in faces and kinds, the number of the accesses mod on the blogs and they maintain thus in mode unfairly. The fact that they abide on top, don’t show it that they are hard-working people. Why not? Because they appeal to auto-voting and the haven’t a real traffic and real visitors.

A good blog is a blog with articles that determines the interest, with elaborated articles and not with three words and three phrases. In top, in the real top entrance the real writers of blog, men that created views. Peradventure is not but idealistically desire… Do I pretend very much of statute of young man? I am too a young man! But I demand from all dignity, the dignity to know how much, that is the real possibilities of everybody.

In my opinion, WordPress is a platform web of the excellence. And, for this reason, we should have a ream of bloggers with most many writings, because that is real classification of the blogs. The classification of inputs numbers on blog is not real! In the Romanian blogs from WordPress, those entrances into blogs, don’t represents real visitors but, rather, what does the auto-voting from rating.

It is regretably that is spent such things for this platform! If we encourage the robbery, the duplicity, we never know who works and who is thief. On this blog, on Theology for Today [ Teologie pentru azi], we never manipulate the rating and now, we have in our blog, a number of 1183 articles, posts, namely a fair labor, day-to-day. Our blog is one for those readers that don’t like to be lied.

Therefor, we dissociated in a public mode of those who stand in first ten places, mostly through filthy shuntings, in Romanian WordPress top.

Father Dorin.

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