Fresh Exultations Or…For Exultation Be Due To Possess Eyes

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Our smiles

This article is with dedication for Alice C. Linsley.

The exultations from peoples came difficult. The peoples loves you, if only you do a little. You must into a mode, so that you are beloved. But, from God, the happiness come, when we believe that aren’t good worthless. For God is very important our cleaning and not a decerebral happiness. For this element, namely our purification of sins, our beloved God works to our happiness. If peoples prefers our facts, what is seen, God prefers the which exultation don’t seen, that is hidden in us, like a divine fire.

Our happiness, with other words, is an unmerited gift of God, a miracle…while the surprises of postmodern society in which live is very dehumanizes. In pornography, in alcohol, in drugs, in the hardness of music on our weather, we don’t meet with silence, with silence of heart …but we meet with our despair, with desperately of don’t know who you are. Our society in curse of capitalization from Romania is into a consistently rhythm of degradation. A moral degradation, because our orthodox identity is discarded constantly and is replaces with a nihilistic mentality.

The orthodox family, for the new mentality, don’t in fashion, in trend. The couples of gays appears unexpectedly, in a Romanian society that don’t support such naughty appearances. If for us, the silence is a good for the heart, for young generation the music maximally is…the life. However kind of life is… this death? It is a death in walking, a paradoxically death, like to wrote in Scripture.

But, in that kind of world, the world very ipseistic, very egoistic, we must live like Christ, our Savior, and our happiness must be a holy. Because the true happiness is a work of grace in our heart, it is the presence of Trinity in our body and in our soul. And we are a good happiness, then, this happiness is a divine gift, is a sacramental gift.

In our heart is death and live and we chosen our patch from our liberty. My liberty make me free or it is a enormous pain for my. But, if my liberty it is a gift of God, then my liberty is a continuum freshness for my. The fresh exultations to exist in the heart when is the grace of the Holy Trinity.

For to see the gift of grace you are need of the eyes of the heart. If I see in my heart the gift then my exultation is continuum. Therefore, I exults me always in my Lord, because He is my one new exultation, always new.

Father Dorin.

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