O sută de cărţi interzise./ Concurs de miss pentru femei care şi-au pierdut un picior în urma detonărilor accidentale de mine de război./Siteul parohiei ortodoxe Sfântul Gheorghe Vechi din Bucureşti./ Părintele Ioan Pintea şi însemnările sale în Convorbiri Literare./ Despre cultura naţiilor şi dreapta credinţă cu părintele Stephen./

Din ultimul articol citat:

„I have no idea what the fullness of God’s plan for Orthodoxy in America will be. But I do know that whatever it is, if we truly exist in this land as Orthodox Christians, we will be a source of culture to ourselves and others around us. If Orthodoxy could help us learn to sing in dance in a way that expresses the fullness of what it is to be human rather than some narrow market niche, sexual or commercial enterprise, then I for one will rejoice. There are times in my life that I would gladly dance with those around me. May God teach my feet!”.

Pr. Dorin.

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