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Somebody tries to sabotage me

de Paste -

Two times in the past days, somebody tried to make me stop working on this blog. My visual and cod tools are disappearing and today, someone did a void window.

Who is this „friend”?

Father Dorin.


This is my sistem writer tools, now:

nowritertools.png picture by dorinfather

Father Dorin.

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Despre ce vorbeşte Ieş. 20, 26?


Teologul tezaurului liturgic: Prof. Dr. Badea Cireşanu [11]

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  1. 🙁 Bad news,I’m So Sorry,Who can be so evil to do such a thing ? can’t believe … 🙁
    Hope ur problems will be solved,do backups to save the data
    Have a nice day!

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