Despre WordPress în Webware [23 ian. 2008]

A se vedea aici.


Un fragment:

Automattic has about 18 employees, according to the Journal, and also operates several lesser-known software products like forum software BBPress and spam management product Akismet. But WordPress is its centerpiece, powering around 2.2 million blogs–active and otherwise–from personal blogs to the digital properties of high-profile media publications like The New York Times, Fortune, and CNN. The Journal hinted that some of the $29.5 million will be used to allow some early employees and investors to cash out; GigaOm’s Om Malik suggested that the company may also hire more engineers, anticipating continued growth.

Mullenweg’s blog post seemed to confirm this speculation: „Automattic is now positioned to execute on our vision of a better Web not just in blogging, but expanding our investment in antispam, identity, wikis, forums, and more – small, open source pieces, loosely joined with the same approach and philosophy that has brought us this far.”


Pr. Dorin.

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