Exercises of communication

I’m in front of a wall… and my eyes hearts me. I am ailing because this wall, which is a cemetery silence, doesn’t speak to me. Any situation like this, in that we does not communicate with somebody… is a speech in empty, in front of a wall. But the problem is that,  if  I want to communicate coherently, I must assume that the one in front of me is different from me.

I’m not he: this is the first fundamental truth for a good communication. If you do not forget that the one in front of us is quite another, compared with us … we can not discuss anything essential with other peoples. But the difference between us is not necessarily alternately and a difference of opinion. Two people, one group of people may think so if primarily they are related to the same values, traditions, creeds. The desire for salvation, for example, is the desire that most approximates the peoples very different and for this fact, we observe, that differences between us is not fundamental.

The dialogue joins honest people, those people who understand that life is the relationship, dedication, love. The desolation in front of the wall is for some so great, that they search, in despair, a friend, someone to understand them. We’re finding a man. A man who we feel essential, fundamental for us.

For this reason, in our Church, we seek to live our love of Christ in unity with the people, with our brothers. Loving others you understand what it means to be loved. When you love someone than love is no longer a simple word. Just when you suffer. When you believe.

Communication is not real until it is felt as fundamental to your life. For me, personally, communication is like a breeze of air. And is so, because we understand the fundamental role of communion between peoples. And communion is the foundation of our life, because the man, created by God, is created with a sense of profound communion of Trinity. When in Genesis the Holy Trinity said: „It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a suitable partner for him”[ NAB, Gen. 2:18], God said that He wants to put the foundation of communion, not only between man and God but also between people.

In the Church and in family we learn to communicate, to be with spontaneity and with much opening to reality. The social life is a wall for us if we no one wants to know as it is. We do not communicate properly, substantially, just because we did not understand the founding meaning of communion. And you can not understand communion only in the Church of God, as a man who wants to be saved.

Father Dorin

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