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Electronic Edition of NETS

This electronic edition contains the final masters of A New English Translation of the Septuagint, published by Oxford University Press.

Preliminary Materials

00 Contents; Abbreviations; To the Reader of NETS, by Albert Pietersma and Benjamin G. Wright


01 Genesis, translated by Robert J. V. Hiebert
02 Exodus, tr. Larry J. Perkins
03 Leuitikon, tr. Dirk L. Büchner
04 Numbers, tr. Peter W. Flint
05 Deuteronomion, tr. Melvin K. H. Peters


06 Iesous, tr. Leonard J. Greenspoon
07 Judges, tr. Philip E. Satterthwaite
08 Routh, tr. Frederick W. Knobloch
09 1 Reigns, tr. Bernard A. Taylor
10 2 Reigns, tr. Bernard A. Taylor (OG) and Paul D. McLean (Kaige)
11 3 Reigns, tr. Paul D. McLean (Kaige) and Bernard A. Taylor (OG)
12 4 Reigns, tr. Paul D. McLean
13 1 Supplements, tr. S. Peter Cowe
14 2 Supplements, tr. S. Peter Cowe
15 1 Esdras, tr. R. Glenn Wooden
16 2 Esdras, tr. R. Glenn Wooden
17 Esther, tr. Karen H. Jobes
18 Ioudith, tr. Cameron Boyd-Taylor
19 Tobit, tr. Alexander A. Di Lella
20 1 Makkabees, tr. George Themelis Zervos
21 2 Makkabees, tr. Joachim Schaper
22 3 Makkabees, tr. Cameron Boyd-Taylor
23 4 Makkabees, tr. Stephen Westerholm

Poetic Books

24 Psalms (and Prayer of Manasses), tr. Albert Pietersma
25 Proverbs, tr. Johann Cook
26 Ecclesiast, tr. Peter J. Gentry
27 Song of Songs, tr. Jay C. Treat
28 Iob, tr. Claude E. Cox
29 Wisdom of Salomon, tr. Michael A. Knibb
30 Sirach, tr. Benjamin G. Wright
31 Psalms of Salomon, tr. Kenneth Atkinson


32 The Twelve Prophets, tr. George E. Howard
33 Esaias, tr. Moisés Silva
34 Ieremias (with Excursus on Bisectioning Ieremias), tr. Albert Pietersma and Marc Saunders
35 Barouch, tr. Tony S. L. Michael
36 Lamentations, tr. Peter J. Gentry
37 Letter of Ieremias, tr. Benjamin G. Wright
38 Iezekiel, tr. Noel Hubler
39 Sousanna, tr. R. Timothy McLay
40 Daniel, tr. R. Timothy McLay
41 Bel and the Dragon, tr. R. Timothy McLay

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