Your Pain Hurts Me, My Beloved Friend Berney Arseny!


Thank you very much that you shared your pain and your loneliness with  us… Because you started to learn the Romanian language you know and feel that  we  are close to you.

Your prayers  make my feel good and we always carry you in our prayers, as I wrote.

And now I understand more deeply what happens in your family … and  it hurts me unsaidly. However, if you know the Orthodox faith more deeply and you become a member of the Church … I am sure that God will give you good friends … but even more pain than before.

I am your friend in suffering and in joy. And I know the grace of God will strengthen you, it will always make you rejoice, because you are not alone.

We will pray for Angela and your mother and father … for all that you mentioned, and…for  all you have in your heart.

I say with all my heart: God always give you joy ! and  I  bless  you with very much love.

Father Dorin, your friend in Christ,


16 February 2009

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