Orthodox Theology in Post-modernity

the hope of faith

Post-modernity is a time for trifles. Nothings logic are most sought. Who says the more a man who thinks jazz is good, but those who think better not to think of it actually.

Therefore, Orthodoxy is a reverse logic to post-modernity. Orthodoxy is a supra-logic fundamental for the man of today. For an orthodox thinking in the rhythms of eternity, not for vain things.

But not there, actually, a hiatus between orthodoxy and post-modernity. An Orthodox is a postmodern man, in the end, but one with a different way of seeing things, with an eternal perspective on existence.

Our existence is a gift of God, and for this reason we see things from God’s perspective. Postmodern ideology denies the existence of God or does not question them.

For this reason, ours era is an atheist or religious indifference. Our problem is not to convert them to faith, but to understand their mentality, so that we know how to tackle them. We must learn to approach them.

Make theology for today means to know, how to approach those who are not like us and how to get close, ultimately, by those who think that we, in post-modernity.

In a world, where the idea does not matter, because no matter man, life, ultimate reality, ie God, closer to people’s  is first step toward a real relationship with them.

And embrace is a step closer to faith. For that mercy is to make transparent the grace of God in our person. And when we approach people see, that they do not want tinsel, do not want to stand alone, do not want porn, stupid fun, but they want a real love.

Post-modernity are not  a real love, so is hypocritical, cold and ungrateful. Post-modernity have needs Orthodoxy, for the true relation to God and man, for sense of humanity.

And Orthodox theology speaks about salvation like that a happiness with God and the people, for eternity, in the glory of God. Because salvation is not loneliness, it is pure subjectivity, but communion.

And when you are in communion with each other, look, in the first, at the man and not his money or his body or his wealth. Communion means to stand face to face.  And if you see your brother’s face, in front of him you see the presence of God, your Creator, Who will do both.

And then do not prefer a game, a animal or a relationship with a doll instead of someone who actually loves you. And love has its source in the Trinity, our God, Who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit in eternity and He created for man from the boundless love, for that to be in communion with Him.

Because He is love, He wants us to be people of communion. And fellowship, brotherhood is not churlish, selfish, callous. For this reason, we advocate and advocate for joy to know each other, the joy of communion.

Because we live in relationship with God, through His grace, the joy is our state of being, is our own personal fulfillment  and community.

And communion we dis-ideology, we return to the true way to see the world and ourselves.  For this reason it is necessary the theology in the sphere of post-modernity. But not of any kind of theology, but the one, that is a clear testimony of faith God Christ Church primary.

Orthodox faith is the one who saves the world. Because our faith is the faith of the early Church. It is always fresh and always new, because it is the same from the beginning. And if we want a new life, without mystification and without black spots, then we must converted to the true faith of the Orthodox Church, the faith from the beginning.

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