Why things are not simple

I, the priest Dorin, always lived paradoxes that on my own existence. Because I felt, that things that appear in dissonance, can harmonize with each other.

As an essentialist artist, I wanted to express in my books and in my painting the essential things of the world, from my perspective.  For this reason I wrote more and soon. I wrote over 80 books in 4 years.

I lived a exhausted sister with folly after all this effort incredible and for me. But God thought otherwise things for me. I gave up art and I dedicated  theological research and the life of the Church, which absorbed me completely.

But art is not antagonistic to theology! Art is ancillary to theology, because you need to be prepared to see beautiful, the beautiful and ever deeper. Therefore literature, painting and languages have led me to an increasingly close and deep understanding of Orthodox theology.

To write theology, you need a plan and a beautiful disposition of ideas. You need as well as the spontaneity and the flexibility, for robustness but and conceptualization, but the looseness  and the brevity.

And so what seems difficult to understand, in practice, there is nothing difficult to understand, because it contains all the same man. Therefore I have lived and are living a perpetuum existential paradox.

Because I combines in my books the theology of the Church with the attention to slippages postmodernity, good sense with distance from all things deformity. And I try, like all orthodox christians before me, to live a life of holiness, because God asks us to be holy, although each day, I see more away good deeds.

Therefore things are not simple, because they are paradoxical. And because they are, so must we take as such and not want to simplify. If you simplify a lifetime to delete. But, if we take a human life in all its complexity, we learn how to give glory to God, because He did and do many miracles to His servants.

One comment

  • Yes, totally agree!

    Things shouldn’t be simple, they should be the way God created us to be, full of the freedom to create beauty, ready to become in His likeness.

    That’s why we appreciate entirely the books you make, father, the things you write with peace and effort, and gentleness of heart.

    Nothing will be lost in His eyes, and no reader of yours that can’t be tormented by the beauty of God made man!

    Thank you, again, and blessings of celestial and terrestrial liturgy from the States also!

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