A World Without Eyes

se poate...doar daca vrem

Don’t see me? How so? Why can not see me, if I a man like you? How can not see me, that I am on line in every day?

We can not we see each other, because we do not want to see. We refuse to see what is good in others.

And our refusal means mischief. Who does not want to see another, means he has evil in his eyes. He regards the bad. Regards with hostility, as Cain toward Abel.

And when we look only evil, only by stealth, only with hostility, we show that we are a society of people without team spirit, without communion.

As creator of online I understand human wickedness in continuous mode, malice free. Visitors are often indifferent or malicious, if they do not know, for that or are indifferent or are reluctant to your novelty.

Is false idea that people seeking novelty at online. Many do not seek anything. All those who read books, all those real searches everyday, to use the internet as the field of exploration. For others the internet is a continuous entertainment, a way to waste time for free.

But on Teologie pentru aziTheology for Today we seek to push people to create, make them know, to recognize, to remember that they need their relationship with God and with people, that are normal people.

Normality, for me, as orthodox, is only in relationship with God, our Creator. Therefore, work at online is not a play for us, but a way to gain time, to give value our time, that is so short.

Then why not see me, if I see you? Why I want to see you and you see your benefit, and you do not see me, when I only make you better?

Doesn’t exists real feed-backs to us. Because there is more envy and indifference. But these two causes us to be autistic. The autism in dialogue means the non-dialogue.

And when we are not in dialogue the meaning of life no longer exists, because selfishness is not a solution but a wall, a cage, a prison.

But the internet is a huge opportunity for dialogue and not closing itself! For this reason we must heal by selfishness, envy, of malice, for that we see our inner depths.

And we will see increasingly better. For that dialogue makes us grow in love. And love is understanding, mutual respect, joy of another.

Is it possible?  I think: yes!

We can communicate and knowing each other. Must only we have  availability for this.

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