Demonism Versus Deification

In the Gospel of this sunday, we are dealing with the healing of the Gerasene demoniac. And „when he [the demon] saw Jesus, he cried out  and fell down before Him, and said with a loud voice: What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beseech you, do not torment me!” (Lk. 8, 28).

Why speak the demons, from demonized, before Him? Why they not be giving strong before Him? Because demons are creatures, fallen creatures and are not on an equal footing  with God. Demons are against God, for they are free to do whatever they want, but they do not decide instead Him. And they talk, because He allows them.

So God’s power is not equal to that of demons. But they were allowed by Christ to enter into pigs. And in the pigs devils show wanted to make it man: to kill him. But God has not allowed to kill the man, but the herd of pigs allowed death, because it is contrary to the Law of Moses.

Id est, who does not gather with God scatters. And we lose, every time we lose, it does not look what we personalize, but choose what makes us sick. Demonization means the annexation of Satan. And the demonization is the opposite the deification, who is joining the Lord, that to be one spirit with Him.

In the Orthodox Church, at Baptism, who is baptized is exorcism of demons. Exorcisms are liturgical prayers. In the name of Holy Trinity, demons are commanded to leave the one, who comes to Baptism and then he is asked to forsake Satan and to be united with Christ, his God.

Therefore, the orthodox spiritual life is a life in God’s grace, a life of asceticism, the fight against our passions. Fighting with passions is a battle with demons, who push us to evil. And this fight is against demonization.

All sin makes us Satan’s room. It demands the confession of our sins, for their cleaning. And, as exorcisms,  the confession of sins is also a liturgical work. A work of liturgical renewal of our interiority. And, by the power of Christ Church, priests forgive men their sins, and makes them full of God’s grace again.

Renewing members of the Church is the great mystery of the world. This is done in silence. While the world sleeps in her sins, the Church deificates man, that changes continuously through the glory of the Trinity.

Therefore, the 23rd sunday after Pentecost is a sunday  of  holiness, because it is a sunday in that, the glory of God is proclaimed as  what rebuilds the man. For this reason, man should not be satanic, but Holy. Holiness is the fulfillment of human and that holiness is the holiness of our trinitarian God.

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