You have style!


To sing with the head voice, to feel what singing is… to sing. The song does not mean the rage, does not mean noise. Who makes noise show that, in his heart, it’s a  world with disability of beauty. Therefore I do not like people who do not feel peace song, not to make the song feel something pacifist.

So to play with style means to play with nuances. Also, the dresses with good taste is to show how you feel, how well you feel in yourself but you want to show others of you. Clothes show your soul. If your clothes are simple and neat look from this aspect, that your soul is in peace, is several orders.

Eyes are windows to your heart, for your repentance, for your prayer to God. Of course, if your eyes are bad and cool show, that you are not led by the Church. Because the Church is the one who makes from eye evil eyes of pigeon. And one Who makes us clean is the Spirit of God, Who cleanses our sins.

Therefore I believe, that being Orthodox means to be a man with style. And to have style is to know to make distinctions. And what it means to distinguish? It means knowing, when to talk and when to shut up, when to make a specific gesture, with the heart to sing, how to read a book, how to approach a man.

For all this you need style, ie attention and acumen. Attention to details. Attention to everything of your life’s  aspects.

For by all this attention to prove that we are real and not mechanically imitate others. Imitation is a sign of inner death. If you do not feel what to do, does not help at all to imitate others, so… outside. Because we live our lives, not lives of others.

And if we live then, why imitating others like monkeys?  Our relationship with God should teach us to be normal and not copies of others. And people with style are normal because they are different. And being different does not mean being selfish, but, rather, means to be a distinct person in the communion.

For this reason, the Church is not a lot of people, but a community of unique, to the distinct. And we observe that each  Saint is a unique, something special, not to be confused with one another.

And, whilst maintaining the uniqueness of each, it does not disturb communion, but a rich. Actually the real state of communion.

All are in communion with God, but each in his own way. And, when we relate to others, we refer to the way: with our uniqueness. Our uniqueness preserve our place in the community. Community Church needs all of us, that and the priest and those who sing and those who help the sick and those who do cleaning …

Each of us brings his gifts to help community Church. And each time, in everything we should have style. Must see, that we are the ones who did something, because all know, that we are able to do that very well. To see each specialization.

And when this happens each feels in place, because each does what it knows to do.

Have style, my beloved,  style your heart!

Show others, what God has done in you, in your life!

For that having style means: to be a unique man in connection with unique people.

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