Die So Easily …

because i love you

For my wife

You die with a smile
pressed on your face.
You die as a raindrop,
like a dragon-fly attached to the wings.

Therefore no one sees you, my darling,
No one knows, because nobody loves you
like me.

I have loved you with all my heart.
I’ve loved you with all my life,
with all my blood,
that all my words…

And that is why your death is like a smile,
as a high breeze
for my eyes
because it makes me cry sweet …

And everything is so easy
and so hard at the same time.

Because I can not believe that your death is possible.
Because I believe that death
may be simpler and
so committed and love …

for it is God’s gift, is so triumphant,
passing many obstacles,
because he does not fear death.

And with all this, you die
as a dandelion blown in the wind.
You die as an irreplaceable friend of my heart.
You die with all that are you
and nobody,
but no one can replace,
never, your

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  1. Father Dorin, this are very sensitive lyrics.


    I think that together with the life, the ability to love, is one of the greatest gifts that God gave us…

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