When you are born again

the tomb of Blessed Dumitru Staniloae

The day of October 31 is my birthday…and I reached at 32 years.  After 4 years of literature and painting, after 100 or so books, after 15 years of theology, after 4 years of priesthood, after 4 years of blogging, in 32 years … I feel everything from the beginning, all in a student’s life. Today I felt, that I was born again, or take to the top, because that life is a journey, that never ends, although you die…

God taught me to appreciate life, because life means property in which we saved. He taught me to respect life from the first moment of my life, because I was saved from death by an earthquake. An earthquake, earthquake in 1977, saved my life in order not to be aborted by my mother.

Continuously and learned that life is pointless, if your life means a work that fulfills you. And my life is a job and a prayer, which I celebrate myself, make myself beautiful, beautiful man. Therefore today I am happy, fulfilled…but feel that I have to take one from  beginning, I forget what I did and I concentrated on what to do.

Without this fresh start everything I have done not make sense.

Looking back and seeing the long line of miracles in my life. I see those who helped and those who I have avoided due to satanic or I was impaired. I see all sorts of people and great events in my life. This would have occurred, if not started…earthquake.

In Romania, died in 1977, in that earthquake, many people value…But I was born when, at the end of October and early November, in an ambiguous atmosphere. I have lived until about 13 years into full communism, for class 8th to begin to teach democracy, because of the revolutionary events of 1989’s Romania.

The year 1989 marked my conversion to the Church’s life, just because some young people, like me, who were dying in the streets, with flowers in their hands, because President Nicolae Ceauşescu, the communist dictator of that date. In 1989, in Bucharest, tank was passed over the young demonstrators, who had flowers in their hands.

Their faith and their courage have passed since then in my heart, for which I thank them and pray for their salvation. Therefore I say that no one comes by chance on this earth, but each one is born with a purpose, a purpose that God wants. And I think my vocation is to be a servant of the Church, a priest and a writer of the Church, a theologian, to speak about the wonders of God in the life and history of the Church.

I feel the same with all my being. Therefore I need, day by day, to do something more and more beautiful for me and for all together. And every day is an evocation of presence and work of God in our lives. His presence with us is that which makes us constantly changing life, to see our sins, we see errors, let us see our wickedness…but we while, to be others, to be His own.

Write it here, I do not evoke my person, but evokes person of God and I thank and publicly, in the eyes of all for the wonders of my life. And our Church has, in its Liturgy, prayers for the blessings of  God poured into our lives and encourages us to thank His with heart size. It teaches us to thank and to enjoy front of God.

And, if we live our lives before Him, all before Him and we should enjoy beautiful.

I thank, my God, for all!

I know, that I can not pray to Thee.

But I know You know my heart and understand my joy for You and that only You  are my joy completely.

Your will be with me, my God, to know what to do with my life!

This is the fulfillment of my, if I see what to do.

Fill me of Thy glory and Thy eternal joy, that Yours is the Kingdom and power and glory of the Father and the Son, and Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever. Amen!

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  1. La mulţi ani!

    Părinte drag, chiar dacă am aflat cu întârziere, cred că nu e târziu să vă urez din toată inima multă sănătate, bucurie, dragoste statornică faţă de „lumea” pe care o îmbrăţişaţi mereu mai ales la nivel online, prin scrierile, prin opera Sfinţiei voastre.

    Să vă păstraţi flacăra apostoliei, a misionarismului mereu vie…

    Este nevoie de oameni ca Sfinţia voastră în Biserica noastră Ortodoxă.

    Și nu spun aceste lucruri pentru a vă flata, dar meritele unui suflet dedicat trebuiesc cunoscute şi recunoscute.

    Să fiţi iubit de Hristos, acum şi în veşnicie!

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