The Voice of Happiness

Post-modernity is a world that wants happiness, searches it, but only on earthly matters. And this aspects, in most times, are grotesque. Whether it’s about pornography, about alcohol, drugs or a crazy life, postmodern world doesn’t see relationship with God as necessary. And when you do not have connection to the transcendence of God, then the happiness leaves peoples.

And (here is the solution!) true faith of Orthodoxy is the only that makes you happy and happy to talk about all aspects of your life. For that spiritual life is nothing else but living in the grace of God, and that is a full depth in relationship with God and people.

And the joy of Orthodoxy is, in a fundamental mode, ontological because it is, in same time, theological. For the Lord, risen from the dead, says above all: Enjoy! For that, the man full of grace considers as a priority the joy of God, namely a clean life and full of good things.

But theological life puts equal sign between life and holiness, while the post-modernity is a world of appearance. Postmodern ideology is a perverse actress, it’s a mind dazzler and who doesn’t care how you put your head on the pillow.

From the theological point of view, playing theater is to be hypocritical. We can not go on stage with our own salvation! Therefore, to be happy, you must be a man grown in holiness and whose gestures are real, authentic. To enjoy, ie, you must be happy.

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