Marin, from No-one's Country

Marin eating clouds. And that’s just at nerves. He has creative nerves.
And, sometimes, his nerves make masterpieces.
Masterpieces of the masterpieces.

But in No-one’s Country no one sees anyone.

Marin makes true wonders in the eyes of others…but they do not see anything. Namely they are sick of the blind hens.

Are blind to see all but do not understand anything.

Marin works…
He doesn’t mind at all suppositions.
Because he knows that these masterpieces, of his, are stronger than forgetfulness.

Marin does not eat clouds…but unforgetfulness. Because people do not forget, when wake up of their ideological sleep, that he was not stupid like them.

They recognize after all that they are stupid…but time must pass, some time.

And Marin is waiting the time.

For that every thing ends in good

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