Homily at the Synaxis of Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel and of All the Heavenly Powers [November 8, 2011]

Beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Today’s feast is one of communion. And not of a parochial, regional, terrestrial communion…but of the communion between heaven and earth, between Angels and men.

And Angels and men are created by God. They did not exist before being created by God.

Only God exists through Himself, the eternal and to forever…but creation is the fruit of His will.

And the Church commemorates today a part from the unseen part of it. Nine celestial hierarchies, described by Saint Hieromartyr Dionysius the Areopagite [† 3 October], stay at the base of the angelology of the Church, because he described in his theology ecstatic views.

The scriptural contexts in which appear Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are also ecstatic. For that any angelic apparition is a view in the light of God and not a materialization of the Angles.

This is the reason for that, we do not expect diaphanous appearances, in the air, of ghosts…but we close our mind in the heart, praying for to see God’s glory flooding us.

Holy Angels are non-bodily because they are spiritual beings, we do not know their number…but we know that they are „ministering ghosts into service” [liturghica pnevmata is diaconian, Heb. 1, 14, acc. GNT].

And, for this thing, they are our co-servitors at Church’s services and in our personal salvation.

And the communion about that we were talking at first is the communion in the service. We serve the one God, and this God, our God, is the One who created all life and made them all to wish only to Him.

And this holy desire does not come from simple will of the creatures but the glory of God is what that stirs in us the love for Him.

Saint Dionysius the Areopagite saw ecstatic heavenly hierarchies and he described each one. And their names are these: Seraphims, Cherubims, Chairs, Dominions, Powers, Masters, Beginners, Archangels and Angels.

And after how is observed, although knowledge and enlightenment come hierarchical, top-down, Archangels Michael and Gabriel, through the will of God, had a major role in the economy of salvation.

And, according to the akathist in romanian language, Michael was „a minister of Law” and Gabriel was „Angel of the gift”, for that, the first, led the hebrews to Christ, while, the second, announced to the Most Pure Virgin „the mystery from the century hidden and unknown to the people”, ie the incarnation of God the Word.

Michael warned Angels not to follow Lucifer, the fallen angel. He strengthened Moses and Aaron. He made bold on Jesus/ Joshua of Nun. Michael fought for Israel with pagan peoples. He led them to their promised land.

Gabriel brought to the world the joy of birth of the Messiah. He kept the holy family in his wanderings. He proclaimed to the women the resurrection of the Lord. He strengthens the Orthodox Churches and Monasteries around the world.

In short, the Holy Angels are always present in life of Church, because they help us being saved.

And the veneration of Holy Angels means not anything else than  gratitude. We thank for all the help…and we ask, in continuation, the prayers and their support.

And so we are in communion…because we want the same thing: the unity through purity and holiness.

Happy birthday to all those who celebrate today the patronymic birthday! Amen!

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