Sermon on the 26th Sunday after Pentecost [2011]

Beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Prime Gospel [Luke 12, 16-21] of the fast is a parabola about overweening rich. About the rich who trust in their wealth, who believe that material wealth and intellectual and spiritual wealth are steadfast and without God.

And the whole discussion ends abruptly because who thinks that he can be happy without God…will die.

And death comes as unbearable sorrow…because demons…or those who require his soul…will take it by force from him…

Why does start so crushing this Fast of the Lord’s Birth, if at the end of which we meet with the Delicacy in person?

And why we should begin fasting with a parable about a non-capitalist God, Who interrupting, by death, the human happiness, just when people wants to live forever, with or without Him?

It’s simple: because God regards correct the things. A life in total oblivion at Him and other people is an eternal death.

And the hangars with produces of hypermarkets do not offer us an eternal stability as long as we are in history, in time…and the time is not eternal.

And the time and the space and life and material goods…and intelligence…and our intellectual productions if they are seen as having no connection with God then they have not an eternal value, ie they are not personalizing.

From my point of view, God begins well this fast: with the end. For that the end is the beginning…and both are He Himself.

The postmodern capitalism wants to jump over beginning…and namely over the fact that the man and the world is Gods creation and that the good of man and of world is the real relation between God, man, world.

And if God is removed from the equation…no longer remain than the blind efficiency, pleasure for pleasure, the scientific experiments for various fads…and selfish desire to eternalize us in present.

For these reasons God is theological and not capitalist.

He does not love us our dogmatic and moral relaxation, that perspective of our life in which life is seen as good in itself…and not as a passage towards full communion with God and with men, in His glory.

The consumerist ideology of the day invites you, with the whole being, to forget you yourself, to buy, to have fun…on the idea that you deserve all these things.

At the question: Why do we deserve all this?…there is a noncomplicated answer…a discriminating answer: because we have money.

And if some people work all life and, with all these, they have hard life…and some win millions at lottery…when comes word to buythe most deserving are those with money and not those who work honestly.

For this reason, the current capitalism is no longer interested at the honest worker but for the financial explosions. And how to do business from nothing…if you do not make financial thieves at billions?

The current financial crisis is a mega-quackery with american origins…but, of course, the average american does not have anything to do with it.

Some people decide for to many…some people are irresponsible to many.

But for such irresponsible people, the lower or upper …exist barely one final: a death. A single death…for one lifetime…

And madman [v. 20] is the one that collect things on besides himself but not in himself. And our God, Who thinking theologically and not worldly, do not looks at the shirt, at the headdress, at how many tattoos we have on the body or how many rings we have in nose…but at who we really are.

At whom we are as life, as soul, as communional persons. And for this motive God does not love our lustful relaxation or our lack of deep thinking…because life is not for dreaming but for to create at itself in the first place.

Now we understand better why the Church is hard with us from the beginning: for that the fast is not for dreaming…but for awakening from dreaming.

And only wake, we can fill with virginity in this fast…for that we receive from the Virgin Mary on the Delicacy in person, the Savior of the world.

And only raising us from the matter…we see what comes at above, we see theological on the Messiah into a Child, Who comes to us in humility to teach us humility… full of purity…to teach us purity and delicacy.

The happiness comes from above, from the Most Holy Trinity! The carols of this fast tell us this thing in simple mode but majestic.

And while some runs only after gifts, tree, lights, snow…we must to run after our Star, after the Rising from above, after the Emperor of glory, Christ, Which shows us that the world will transfigured because the rays of His glory are and working in the world.

God fills us with peace and divine purity now and forever and forever. Amen!

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