Sermon at the Entrance in Church of Lord’s Mother [November 21, 2011]

Today’s feast, beloved brothers and sisters into the Lord, is the feast of sincerity in faith.

Because Mother of God, at the age of three years entered in the Temple and up to 12 years living in the Holy of Holies, filling her with grace and holiness.

Sincerity in faith, love, waiting…

A sincerity which saved us, for that He who was born of her is the Son of God incarnate.

Today we celebrate our entry into the Church and our remaining in the faith. For that the remaining in faith means to make us the sanctuaries of God.

And the Mother of God was the true ark of the Covenant, reason for that and Saint Zechariah, the father of Saint John the Baptist, took her there, in front of God, where he comes only once into a year.

Mother of God is the Virgin! Mother and Virgin, handmaid of the Lord and Mistress of the world is Mary, Mother of God.

And from her we learn how to be mothers and sons. Because her delicacy, purity, wisdom, beauty, wealth of mind of her are all many lessons of orthodox living.

And who does not learn from the Mother of God how to act, he lacks the most elementary decency in relationships.

Our happiness is the Mother of God.

In pain, in trouble, in joy and rejoicing, praying to the Mother of God warms and strengthens our heart, cheers our mind.

Therefore, as orthodoxies, we do not conceive our life without her presence, of the Mother of God.

And, in the same time, we do not confuse the roles of men and women. The man can not be a woman and vice versa: the woman can never be a man.

Only women procreate…and only men serve at the altar.

The Mother of God dwells in the sanctuary to 12 years but is not through this a bishop.

She preached the Gospel of her Son with much happiness…but she was not an Apostle who ordains bishops, priests or deacons.

And from here we understand the huge role which it has the respecting of our rank in the Church.

The bishops are bishops, priests are priests, deacons are deacons, and they serve Gods people.

And nobody should forget who is and what is his role in the Church of God.

Mother of God helps us to remember ourselves, not to forget the crucial importance of our brief lives.

Her face from Icons, always gentle and kind, reminds us that the peace of our ghost is the real treasure of our life.

O, Mistress, help us to fill with your peace! Enjoy us with your joy, which are with grace given by God! As we rejoice, sinners, by your pity and your prayers for us, now and ever and ever. Amen!

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