Sermon on the 27th Sunday after Pentecost [2011]

      Beloved brothers and sisters into the Lord,

Today’s Gospel [Lc. 13, 10-17] tells us that there are demons that crooked human being…because are ghosts that produce infirmity [v. 11, acc. KJG].

And to the woman in cause, the demon produced weakness/ slouch time of 18 years [v. 16]…

A disease which seem physiological…and it was spiritual.

And this confusion is very common in our time because many confuse consequences with causes of diseases.

The consequences are or are not visible. But the causes of our diseases are deep, not of surface …because they are diseases of the soul.

And what we do in secret, in secret of our heart, goes out to light in our facts and our diseases.

But here we are reminded that good deed is inside healing and that good deed is always full of grace.

We can not cure, we can not be whole without Gods forgiveness, which is an ontological healing of our being.

And we see from the 12th verse, that the healing is a gracial release from the personal infirmity. For that only the grace frees you from diseases, as a consequence of sins and from demons, as continue irradiation to evil.

And if the health is freedom from disease then this release is the maximum moment of joy.

Undoubtedly, the woman has enjoyed a lot…Those who were with her in the synagogue, at the holiday, should enjoy as much for her healing.

But from the response of the synagogue’s chief [v. 14] and from the state of those who opposed Him [v. 17], we learn that they were saddened for the miracle.

But what kind of heart has the same, who does not enjoy the good of others?

We can enjoy, with true, the evil?

How can we live with the ugliness in the soul, when our soul enjoys only what is pure, good and holy, for that so God created it?

Jews from the synagogue wanted a celebration without joy. They wanted a rest without inner fulfillment.

This was the motive for that the Lord has shown their hypocrisy on face, when He spoke about their concern for animals in sabbath, which was greater than the concern for people [v. 15-16].

And when we’re friends more with the animal than with the man means that man’s fallen from the moral state of human being.

The selfishness of human face to face with the greatness of God’s love, who wants everyone enjoys.

The selfishness wanting only narrow good and God desiring the healing of all from sins.

And the feast is a good time for healing! For that the celebration should be full of joy, of inner beauty, of the greatness of mind.

And therefore we confess and we communicate with God in feasts:  for that we heal from unloved, from lack of beauty, from disease of sin, from loneliness.

Our assembly for to pray, in the Church, is an expression of real desire for healing.

We need at healing, we need at forgiveness, we need to ask the divine beauty and all these from of God for us, for that to give to each other.

Washing the face and the body must be followed by spiritual washing of the soul. And this is our release from sins.

So the Lord shows the right way of the feast, that is the ontological healing. Because at the Church does not come only to hear, come not only to see, you do not come to lose the time…but, in the first row, that to cure ugliness of sin and be joyful.

And seeing such things, we understand what benefit we have of going to Church.

For that if we are filled with peace and joy is sign that Church makes us better. But if going to Church is only for gossips and, thanks to it, you grow horns of angel, is sign more as secure that you did not understand nothing essential.

And we do the same huge mistake each time, when rather we seek to see evil and be offended…than to fill by inner healing.

We stepped in month of december and, through this, we went in straight line to the great feast of the Lord’s Birth.

The carols will warm our hearts, the gifts and our preparations will make us close…and all this should make us more human, oh, much more human than now!

God fills us with His beauty and peace, my beloved, because without them nothing is beautiful on earth. Amen!

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