Sermon on the Baptism of Christ [2012]

Beloved brothers and sisters into the Lord,

Today’s feast is the one of the Trinity, because today we learned the worship of the Trinity. For the Son taught us that God is triune in persons and He is not a lonely and distant God to us.

And this thing is extremely important for us, because it makes us think the humanity as a communion of persons and not as a mass of indifferent individuals.

If the other is unimportant for us then no we will not be appreciated at our just value.

But if the other is my neighbor, if all have the same God, if for all died and risen the same Christ, if all are called to holiness and the Kingdom of God is for all…then we understand the point of cohesion, the mutual communion.

Christ descended into the waters of Jordan and hallowed them with His glory.

In water He has broken the heads of dragons, ie on demons…making from the water full of grace an ecclesial womb or the entrance door into the Church.

For until we are born again in Baptism, we do not receive the divine adoption, through which we move and we are real members of Christ, into the Holy Ghost.

Yes, now we relive our Baptism!…

And we see that water that does not broken…is the water full the life of God, is what makes us spiritual.

For that the Holy Water is cleansing, enlightening, sanctifying…And we just for this thing we need it, for it grace, for that to feel God’s life springing in us.

And how not to be others, if we try to continually sanctify our life? How not to be filled with joy, if joy is in us that eternal life?

And in Orthodox Church, in Church of God, we live eternity in parameters of history, without that the history to be eclipsed. For that Church is open to eternal life, because it has right foundation the glory of Most Holy Trinity, revealed today.

Saint John the Baptist was the credible witness of Trinity’s revelation. And he saw the glory of God because He was prepared ascetic.

But the hardness of ascesis is crowned by the joy of God’s vision. And namely the ascesis is not seen as the thing in itself but as a path to the vision of God.

And so, the East at top, Christ, gave us through water the light of the knowledge. Because the light of God is one that teaches us all truth of God’s service.

And, from this motive, the theology and the ministry of the Church are not purely human actions but are divine-human works, are works made ​​with God.

For today we sanctified the water with the power of God, which came down during our prayers.

And this water will remain full of God’s power because God does not retract His gift.

Thus to drink and to sprinkle with this water our house, all of our, for to fill all the presence of His glory. Because the whole of creation must be prepared for its final transfiguration, when God will be all in all. Amen!

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