Sermon on the 29th Sunday after Pentecost [2012]

Beloved brothers and sisters into the Lord,

Today’s Gospel [Luke 17, 12-19] talks about the real meeting with God…namely about the meeting that produces gratitude.

For that the samaritan recognized on the Lord in his being…therefore he came to thank.

And the gratitude to God, the doxology is the manifestation of a state of understanding, of deep love for Him.

Only he, of the 10, sees the true healing: cleansing the soul from the leprosy of sin.

For him, the samaritan, saw in itself the real life, the life with God, because he understood that the true life is communion with God.

And after spiritual returning to Him there is and physical return from the 15th verse.

For the coming to Church must be prepared at home. The state of gratitude, the doxology is a state maintained home, through deep prayer and continuing thanksgiving to God.

In Church we express our love for Him, which always deepen…and therefore our prayer does not sound false.

The falsehood appears there where is not a continuous relation with God…and try, from time to time, an amity with God.

But God requires from us a constant remembrance of Him…and not one with lacunas.

And the gratitude is just thinking continues to Him, at His gifts in our life. Because we see, in relation with God, how the present is He in our being and into all existence.

And not forget Him that He is in us through His gifts. Similarly, those who have imprinted our life are interior presences, are fundamental stones of our person.

And gratitude to our benefactors and spiritual and bodily parents is gushing from itself in our being, for that they helped us decisively.

So understand why some children are grateful to their parents and others are not: because not all feel that parents did important things to them.

And, alike, stand the things and in sphere of spiritual life: true spiritual parents are those that filled us with grace by their presence.

For that the real help is the help that man needs.

And in measure in that we help a person to understand his sins and potencies in the same time…the gratitude is refelt as a real, direct, vital need.

We feel the need to thank to those for that we feel full of understanding for us.

And the samaritan felt the full Gods love to him. He was felt put in account by God, and this His condescension toward him was filled him with joy.

And for this the samaritan praise with „a loud voice” [v. 15] to God:  because he was too happy.

Only the joy exulted!

Only the happy, the reconciled one praise to God with greatness of heart.

But for that someone to enjoy yourself, he must to understand you. He must see the needs, potentialities, expectations…and to help you fulfill your interior.

And someone sees another only if he has been seen and helped by other.

Therefore is so important to do the good to everyone. Because only in such way we minimize the evil in us and around us.

Our orthodox life, from this perspective, is the one by sanitation of society. We sanitize the social behavior because we show, in our persons, the naturalness of human nature which is spiritualized.

And if the postmodernity is a world without connections with God, the orthodox life is a world with past, present and future but, above all, a world with eternity.

And we can not ignore any dimensions of our lives!

In the Church recognize our past, we understand why the present is so how is…and we do not panic by future, because we live, even now, in the rhythms of eternity.

And so, into a global perspective, we recognize God’s presence in the life of the world…and in every fold of our lives.

We see and recognize.

And when you recognize…then the gratitude finds its home in your heart.

God to fills us with regard and gratitude for what we see! Amen.

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