The Discretion of Eyes or About How to Look Beautiful

I always liked people who not look at you with dull curiosity. Namely people who were discreet in glances and gestures.

For that I need of space, of intimacy, of interior silence for to think.

And each of us has need by these things…

But how do we get to be discreet with our eyes? Through a theological education of the eyes.

And, above all, through the constant desire to look beautiful on people.

The beautiful look which we learn from Holy Icons from the Church…and from the spiritual people which we meet.

And if we do not like the bad look…in any situation we must take out from our hearts clean thoughts and beautiful feelings.

Both beautiful words, warm glances, gestures full of a discreet elegance.

And if you ever met this beauty to any Orthodox…then that one was a spiritual man.

Because the spiritual beauty is not the appanage of cosmetic products but the overflow of clean heart in attentive gestures, delicate.

The cold eyes talk about selfish solitude.

The perverted eyes push you at the adventurous relationships.

The wicked eyes sow fear in your heart.

But eyes that understand you, that sympathize you, that support you are those who help you in unspeakable mode.

And I always enriched from the human regard. Whether it was a real meeting or a movie…or a picture…I looked at the details of eyes.

For that eyes are the gate of the soul…and they say solid things about us.

If you feel lost…if you have scattered mind…if you no longer find words…all these talk about your lack of interior settlement.

But if from us emanate joy, interior stability, coherence, willingness to work…is the sign of a deep spiritual life and that accomplishes us.

And we give from who we are.

We give peace or, contrariwise, we infest with our own wickedness, demagoguery, insensibility.

So, the discreet eyes are ascetic eyes. They are eyes cleansed through tears, through repentance, through much theology.

They are eyes which we adorn with the grace of God and mercy.

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