Inevitable Realities

And namely about the things what you can not eliminate from your life. As for example: illness, unhappiness, failure, disappointment…death, in the end…

They come and without our will…and, from Orthodox perspective, are elements of personal pedagogy.

But what we learn from the inevitable realities?

That life has different changes, which we should not panic about…that pains and sorrows are consequences of our sins, which we must endure for our cleaning…that life now is a road to eternal life…and that our fulfillment is the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heavens.

So, what looked very bad for us becomes a perspective very ample for the interior experience.

For that everything that happens in our lives is thought from perspective of interiority.

My throat could hurt me…I need medicaments…And trying to get rid of the disease I understand how important it is to protect my health.

Health becomes a good very important face in face with medicaments. Because the disease shows me that life is not life…without health.

But you can be healthy…and, in the same time, unfulfilled. And life, again, does not have charm…without joy.

And we understand that our life should be joyful for us to be happy.

But the disappointment has social ramifications. You can be good and just man…But if others are not good and honest with you…you can not enjoy your life and your profession.

Namely is needed and others for us to be happy.

But there is no love with force! And nor friendship and good living there where are not wanted these things.

But living this inner incompleteness…we understand how is important the interpersonal relationship.

For that without the agreement of others…there is no joy and fulfillment for you.

Their presence is determinative in your life. But, also, is important and the mode in that you see things and act.

You can be insensible to the dramas heard on TV and online…It may not interest you that others are starving…or brutally murdered

But – and here begins the awakening! – if you…or your lover you get sick…disease and death are becoming relevant…because they are pressing

A terminal illness can be converting, as well as a sermon. The smell of death around you spoils your appetite.

And what seemed insurmountable…becomes a subject of reflection…and, from here, an inner reality.

For that this is the most important thing of question by face: all that we overcome in life becomes our interior realities.

And our role is not to fight with what is inevitable…but to do from the trials of our lives…interior realities, signs of going through life…and of personal wisdom.

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