The Treasure of Language [1]

The Romanian language is a language heavy to translate: because it has many specific forms, dialectal. But with all this weight, Romanian language is a language very spacious…a theological and poetic language, in that can be expressed subtle things.

And I prefer Romanian language for to write precisely because is a language that sets, with much rigor, depths of reality.

For Romanians „dor” means longing. But a longing that hopes in reviewing. Is word about an active expectation.

„Mi-e dor de tine!”, namely: „I miss you!”, means not „I’m quiet with the fact that I know you afar”…but, on the contrary: „I’m able to do anything for to have you near me”.

Because the Romanian longing does not leave things for later…but seeks optimal solutions.

With other words, for Romanians the longing is an interior state as a blaze, which makes that the things to precipitate.

But this overwhelming state does not mean and a lack of coherence. For this longing knows to approach the goal through much sincerity and not through dissimulations by dozen.

Of where such sincerity in the womb of Romanian language? From religious language…

Because Romanian language is a language preserved and cadenced in the Church, in the Orthodox Church, of two thousand years.

And almost all the basic words are found in service books…the motive for that, things and realities, are imprinted liturgical.

God is the Lord of all things visible and invisible because He is their Creator. The earth is our home…and the sky is not considered as something far but as a covering, as something protector.

From here the intimacy and the tenderness that Romanians have towards beings and objects.

Who kills a dog…or who beats without pity the horse from the yard…are considered: „oameni fără inimă” (people without heart).

Namely: they not have Christian heart for animals. They do not behave naturally with other creatures of God.

Mercy is a gift. But a gift generous, too generous…And at every Saint Liturgy, world’s most important Gifts are Gifts of God. He Himself, as holy food and drink, is the Gift.

And Orthodox Christians call gifts…only those received from God and from His Saints. Motive for which gifts are appreciated and desired.

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