The Treasure of Language [2]

Then when dies an Orthodox…he does not enter in non-existence…but he sleeps. And for the sleeper we make „pomană”, namely: alms.

Only that the Romanian alms does not mean to take a meal with those of the house…but with whole community, with all those who loved and respected the sleeper.

The almsgiving (as and the Baptism or the Wedding) is in Romania a motive for the assembly of community.

At the village this thing is kept very strictly. But at the city (indebted to the communist mentality and, now, to the postmodern’s anomy) the traditional community’s moments are increasingly rare.

Who destroys community meetings? The tough response: poverty. Because people think at their own good…in the detriment of the community.

But this mode of seeing things is unsuccessful on long-term. And the protests from January, February and March 2012 from Romania have shown the fact that…only together we are strong.

In Bucharest/ București, Cluj-Napoca, Arad, Timișoara, in smaller towns or larger, Romanians protested at minus 20 degrees Celsius…but they protest and now, when heated outside.

Why? Because they were lied and humiliated of Power’s politicians. Poverty has increased…and, also, and injustices.

People need confidence and jobs.

Romania needs people to represent it with dignity.

And this need of dignity, right and truth are virtues taught in the Orthodox Church.

Human dignity is that the son of God after grace. To make right…means to meet the man and his belongings. And the truth…is that is getting away from us a false image of ourselves.

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