Sermon on Sunday of the Entrance of the Lord in Jerusalem [2012]

My Beloved,

Today’s feast is a lesson of humility. Lord enters on the donkey foal in Jerusalem, fulfilling thus the prophecy of Zechariah 9, 9…and branches of palms…or of willow…as we have in Romania, are signs of joy for this Emperor paradoxical.

Because He has been shown Himself not as worldly Emperor…but as Emperor of glory, Who is full of humility.

For who can to humiliate so much that He, Who created all that exists?

And how is not the lesson of the entry into Jerusalem a lesson of profound humility, when He teaches us that true glory comes from inner purity and not from the praise of men?

People felt in Him on the Christ

Therefore at John 12, 13, Jesus is „He that cometh in the name of the Lord” and „Emperor of Israel”, the spiritual Emperor of Israel.

And the coming in the name of Lord is one of peace…and of meekness…which we relieve it now…when we confess the Lord as God and man, carrying in our hands the branches of our hearts.

But His entry into Jerusalem, in the city of peace, ever happens in us, if we let Him dwell within us.

If our heart is cleansed of passions and becomes a city of peace…then He comes meek ​​and lowly in us…and shows us, in practical mode, that strength resides in purity…and not in evil.

But what happens…if our heart is a hell?

What we do Him, in our hearts to Christ, if we live in hatred, in cruelty, in fornication?

Nothing mere blaspheme Him and kill Him daily.

This is the motive for that in our reporting at the neighbor, we see continued the reporting at God.

Because we can not be faithful, if we are insensible to those around us.

The Saints Apostles did not understand, than after His glorification, that He fulfilled the prophecy of the Saint Zacharias [Jn. 12, 16].

A motive in plus that we no longer hazard with reference at the fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation or of Saints…because they fulfill when God wants.

Our attention must to move toward the fact to be a house full of myrrh’s smell [Jn. 12, 3], namely the fruits of repetance.

And our charity should not be made at eyes of the world…but always it must make us windows clear, clean toward God.

Saint Mary, sister of Saint Lazarus, who the fourth day raised from the dead, prepared Him for burial [Jn. 12, 7].

Because of this evening and we enter in preparation for His Death and His Resurrection.

And Deniile (evening services during Passion Week) are liturgical preparations for to relieve all cruelty of humanity opposite to Christ.

For that yesterday and today, and tomorrow…if we want to know the abjection of humanity, we find it here, in the bodies of those who dare to strike Him, spit on Him and crucify Him on the Emperor of glory.

But…and in this consists the salvation of world!…all here we find and the great beauty of the world, in the person of Christ, Who filled at His glory the humanity assumed from Most Pure Virgin Mary.

And we must choose!

In every moment we must choose if we like beauty or if we like stupidity, boorishness, evil, terror, indifference, imposture.

On each day we choose to do something…and what we do that and we are.

So that, to pray the Lord that make us worthy of feeling of His Passion and His Resurrection! As so we grieve divinely…and, then, we enjoy divinely…we move from pain to joy with Him. Amen!

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