Sermon on the Too-Glorious Feast of Lord’s Resurrection [2012]

My Beloved,

Christ is risen!…and He has filled us by the light of His glory.

For that He has broken with His death our death…descending in Hell…and raising from there on all Saints of the Old Testament.

He reopened the Paradise…and we, with His help, we can sanctify our lives…namely fill us with His glory for that the Hell no longer possesses with force.

And the Lord had done everything for our salvation full of great love for us.

The motive for that the Synaxarion of the day stresses the fact that the Lord urged His Resurrection for us.

He did not spend three days in the grave…but less…And this hastiness…is one of love.

Because only love rushesto embrace the beloved…

…And His Resurrection we started it outside, in the face of Church…for that whole world is called at resurrection.

All humanity is called at deification. But and all creation will be transfigured by the glory of God, for that God may be all into all.

From this cause the sense of our lives is none other than the resurrection.

For who opposes the resurrection, he opposes and communion with God. For God is the spring and the direction of our lives.

…Now passed the weather of The Great Lent and we have come at abundant table.

The reddened eggs, the lamb of Easter, the cakes and the cheese will be on our table and must enjoy at all with the blessing and thanksgiving.

Because all our things are gifts of God…and this is the basic idea that we should not ever forget!

Are gifts that we have to share with others…and in this mode they retain their authenticity.

On the other hand, the joy of His Resurrection should make us realize that life finds its fulfillment in this joy.

That joy of the Resurrection is the joy of life.

That just shows life: that ever new joy.

But…this joy comes from the Cross, ie from ascesis. For that we redden the egg just because Cross leads us to Resurrection.

And the paschal lamb from table…teaches us the obedience to God…obedience that makes us beautiful in His Kingdom.

Thus we forgive each other for the Resurrection…and to enjoy with moderation! For we serve the God of peace and love and not self-pleasure. Amen!

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