Sermon on the Spring of Healing [2012]

My Beloved,

Christ is risen!…and today, in the Bright Friday, we fill „the Aghiasmos that always the sweet-flowing”, as is said at Vespers, into a song.

And from the wonders of healing spring, about which speaks the today’s Synaxarion…has reached at the Small Aghiasmos

…And we drink this water of salvation, of healing, of sanctification…after what sanctify it.

And you ask us to sanctify your homes…and we sanctify your homes with this holy water…and with blessed oil.

For that God works His holiness through His created elements, like water and oil. And this, for that He sanctified all…through the fact that He deified the body taken from the Most Pure Virgin.

This explains the Paschal song which says: „all were filled with light”.

Which all?

All created by God…in heaven and on earth.

For that all are created by His grace and, by His Resurrection, all were restored in grace.

And the closed Paradise…has opened for all…for all who believe in Christ, Who was crucified and risen.

And this marial feast, from the Bright Week, tells us that salvation began with Mother of God…for that she became a source of salvation for all believers.

But Theotokos is not a savior of us separated from Christ, her Son, but a warm and gracious praying to her Son for our salvation.

Thus we see her, the orthodoxies: as our Lady, as the Mother of our Lord and our Guard as invincible.

And water at today, hallowed today…acts not only on the body…but, first, on our soul.

For that it is water which illuminates the mind, reviving the soul, strengthens us in our struggle with the sin.

And we get through the holy water which we received by the light of His Resurrection: His light, His grace, His life.

And this water must be kept properly…and from it you must drink in the morning, before eating anything.

For that tasting of it first of all, we show that we want the sanctification of God with much longing.

And God loves things which we do with longing, with more holy eagerly.

Because water which we drink…makes itself into us spring of life and purity, of holiness and of peace.

Therefore Lord gives us all the feeling of His grace that living spring in us…which learn us the endless joy. Amen!

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