Sermon on the 4th Sunday after Easter [2012]

My Beloved,

Christ is risen!…

and showed His own humanity full of divine light. For that the economy of salvation had right scope straightening and deification of His humanity.

And the paralytic from today’s Gospel [John 5, 1-15], that was sick for 38 years, receive healing from the Lord…just for that to be grateful to God.

But Tradition says us that the paralytic healed by the Lord, on his name Iaron, will be the one that will slap the Lord…when He will be judged.

Namely he was not only ungrateful but and arrogant…and giddy. Because he has terrified all creation through his lack of reverence.

But today’s Sunday wants to tell us that the healing is a divine gift and that it should be preserved with great attention at our lives.

And our attention should have in its composition…much gratitude.

But what it means to be grateful from point of view religious? It means to be careful for that not to afflict the One who loves you.

Means not sin without conscience, without constriction of heart.

And hence ensuing all beautiful attention to our neighbors…

For that the gratitude to God makes you a man for men. A man who regards the people with God’s love, with His kindness and mercy.

And that for to show us that the testimony of faith needs a heart with continuous attention.

The heart attentive in prayer…at the details of ecclesial life…at the changes from the life of the world.

Because the Christian witness comprises the theological reporting at whole life and at current life problems.

And the syntagma „I have no man” is at the antipode of the Christian life, which is communautaire life, full of love and attention.

The loneliness of non-communication is not Orthodox! But it is, unfortunately, a reality and in Orthodox space…

And if loneliness of non-communication is present in the Church…this means that we are deficitary at communion.

And therefore we cannot pray properly, to make things solid in the Church, to initiate projects: because we are not solidary, united in the same creed.

Sins and ambitions separate us from one another. Because, after how says the 14th verse, the sin worses our lives.

But if the sin is a continuous sadness for us then the eyes of our hearts want living peace of love.

We make us, thus, people of God for all who see us! For peace, knowledge, our spiritual beauty must to bear fruit and in others.

And the Lord strengthen you that to fully enjoy into the work of your hands, now and forever and ever. Amen!

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