Sermon on the 5th Sunday after Easter [2012]

My Beloved,

Christ is risen!…

And gives us the endless joy of the eternal life. For His eternal joy is, in today’s Evangel [John 4, 5-42], the living water of eternal life, and namely God’s grace.

Saint Fotini of Samaria came to get water. She had not expected at a such too-great meeting. But, in her mind, she was ready to learn the full truth about the Messiah.

The Lord is close to a woman who had five husbands, who was a stranger and of other faith. He does not discriminate for these motives.

And this thing is very important for us…for we must seek spiritual benefit of the people and not to accuse them. And therefore we must to seek points of convergence between us…for that the discussion to be usefully.

The Lord is trenchant with the woman…and woman enjoys of His movingly friendship. And when she is convinced of His person…leaves the bucket at the fountain…and becomes an evangelist.

Yes, faith changes on man in a radical mode! The real change is illumination filled of good works. For that Lord opens our minds toward faith…in the moment in that we are ready for true beautification.

And then how not to help on those who hesitate… or those who do not know, really, the true faith? Because only the true faith beautifies us divinely.

Saint Fotini dies martyric under the Emperor Nero…She, together with the millions of Martyrs of the Church, did not desert from the love of Christ.

And the message of this Sunday is just this: faith is steadfastness in love…and the eternal connection with God.

For that witnesses of His Resurrection are those who act through His life-creating power…and live from the divine change that occurs in them.

And for this motive our Church speaks today about change and faithfulness: for they are the norm of Orthodox life.

Because we enter in Church through the change of life…and we remain in His ministry through faith in Him.

And from any failure of faith…we need to rise by confession and humble heart. For we must drive out the evil from us through good…through the continue painstaking in good.

And I pray the Most Holy Trinity to make us happy, on all, with unspeakable joy…now and forever and ever. Amen!

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