Sermon on the 6th Sunday after Easter [2012]

My Beloved,

Christ is risen!…

And gave us the power to purify the passions …for to see His divine glory! For that in the today’s Evangel [John 9, 1-38], through the intermedium of healing of the blind from birth, the Lord wants to tell us that we have need of His divine light for to see Him.

Because the simple sight of the eyes helps us in everyday life…but this is not necessarily enlightening. But He, as the Light of the world [v. 5], is the One that fills, with His glory, the eyes of our heart.

Therefore the ecstatic sight in Orthodoxy means the springing of light in our being. Means the exit from the night of ignorance of God.

For once with His first view…we penetrate into the intimacy of God…and we learn from Him His mysteries.

But Lord, at every time, in ecstatic mode, shows us more and more from greatness of His glory.

The motive for that and in the frame of the miracle of today, man received healing of blindness [v. 7] …and then His knowledge [v. 37-38].

For is needed, first, at Baptism and at the cleaning the passions at after Baptism…in His Church…for to reach the sight through experience.

But there are views and views

Each religious organization pretends a particular mystic knowledge.

But we do not accord the title of the mystical sights than to the spiritual experiences of the spiritual people of the Orthodox Church. For the mystical sight is a sight, both, personal and ecclesial…illuminating and the man who has it but and those who believe it.

Therefore the sight of God is the foundation of Orthodox life and of theology. For in the inside of the vivid and authentic relation with God we have the true knowledge of His divine love and peace.

…And, through this the last Sunday of the Easter period, we go to His Ascension.

As in every year, Thursday, on May 24, 2012, we will do the remembrance of His Ascension to heaven…for to show that the Christ Who risen…ascended, with our humanity, at the right hand of the Father.

Resurrection, with other words, continues in Ascension. They are not separate realities but continuous. For all our feasts have connection between them and puts us to understand the unitary.

So, God we enjoy with His peace! To understand the continuing need of the cleaning of passions…and that our effort ascetic has not other sense than only the sight of God.

This will help us not to lose in moralism and in external works but to seek the inside of the relation with God and neighbor. Amen!

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