Homily at the Feast of Pentecost [2012]


My Beloved,

Now, at Pentecost, were joined the languages ​​of the earth, if at Babel they were separated. For that the grace of the Trinity is what unites us all in the Church…and makes us Christ’s Mystical Body.

And when Apostles were filled „with power from on high” [Luke 24, 49], then they began to speak in tongues [Acts 2, 6] – because the Evangel is for all people – but, especially, to speak with power, with divine authority.

The preaching of Apostles imposed to the crowds, was converting [Acts 2, 41]…and conversions were total, impressive.

Therefore, with all, „they insisted [in] the teaching of the Apostles and [in] impartation, [in] the breaking of bread and [in] prayers” [Acts 2, 42, cf. GNT].

From where we understand that there is no real feeling of the grace there where there is no liturgical communion and fidelity to apostolic teaching.

For that the grace of God unites us all in the same teaching and in the same eucharistic impartation.

The teaching of the Apostles and the Fathers of the Church is the basis of our communion. But their teaching was not merely theoretical but practical.

For their theology was embodied in their lives. They were theological beings and behaved as some servants of God filled with His glory.

…But the grace of the Holy Ghost unites for that diversifies persons. Saints Apostles were not alike but none of them wanted to leave the communion.

For that salvation (when you want to work your salvation) you work it together with your fellow, in Church, knowing the fact that Kingdom of God is an expression of unity, of brotherly love.

And Lord’s Disciples and converts become His Church because the Most Holy Trinity descends, by His grace, in the inner of them.

And this, for that the appurtenance at Church is not one external but the union with God is one through grace, inside.

In this situation, we understand why Saint James said that „faith without works is non-working” [James 2, 20, cf. GNT].

For true faith is full of dynamism.

Living faith wants to express, to express its love for God and people.

To show it’s content.

And what would be important for us is just this detail: that spiritual life is one liturgicocommunional and that its ground is the living experience of feeling and vision of God.

Because Pentecost was an ecstatic moment for the Apostles and for those together with them, through that they received, in marvelous mode, the divine grace.

And we received, in marvelous mode, the grace! At our Baptism. Not for our works but by His mercy.

But the grace must be worked.

The grace must bring to light…through words and good works…that sanctify us and others.

So today’s the day of the Church. It’s communion day. Is the day in that we must remember wherefrom began Church and that is its scope in the world.

For that the Church was began once with the descent of God’s grace in those who believed in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Ghost, into one God in Trinity. And its scope in the world is that to unite different people in the Church and make them live the communion with God and each other.

Thus we are called to heaven, to communion with God. For that Holy Ghost, „Who is everywhere and all fulfills”, continually confess about Christ [John 15, 26], Which enables us to make us children of the Heavenly Father [John 1, 12].

God fills us with His glory and makes us His own abodes now forever and ever and ever. Amen!

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