Sermon on the First Sunday after Pentecost (of All Saints) [2012]

My Beloved,

Today we have a confirmation of Pentecost. For that in this Sunday we see how fundamental was the descent of grace of the Holy Ghost on the Apostles at Pentecost. For God’s Saints, the many ways, are creations of God’s grace.

And commemorating on all Saints together, Church does nothing else than to glorify the Most Holy Trinity, Who lives in each of them by His grace.

But, on the one hand, we learn that diversity is a quality of holiness and, on the other hand, that the many Saints of the Church lived in the same faith and love for God and each other.

Because you cannot holyfie than in relation with God and in His Church. But God does not make you a different impression than of the Orthodox Saints from the past…but He makes you like them.

And is observable the defining mark of Orthodoxy’s Saints in all ages…if we examine this thing with spiritual eyes.

Evangel’s day [Mat. 10, 32-33, 37-38; 19, 27-30] tells us about witness. Testimony not only from the mouth, but the integral testimony, as an expression of our whole life.

Therefore we have in Church and Martyrs and Confessors. Martyrs were tortured to death for the true faith…But and Confessors of Orthodoxy, who have suffered various mutilations and torture, prisons and deprivation of all kinds…but they have not died during torture.

Tortures from love and devotion for God.

And not because they could not hide

Not for that they were unconscious of danger of death…

But for that they could not do otherwise. God was life, breath, their joy…and the denial of Him meant their death.

And namely today’s Sunday talks about risks of faith. For that faith’s little is a risk, as it is another risk and betrayal of faith.

Faith not wants you lukewarm.

Faith is vigorous, is full of love, of hope, of holy boldness.

God does not support indifference to the relation with Him or neighbor. And who supports, in fact, the indifference then when you talk to him?

For that we want to be looked in eyes when talking to someone. We want to be given attention.

And attention is very important in any situation, because it represents our adequacy at the frame in that we are.

And when we are not adequate then we are captious.

And the sin, as is more roughly, as it makes us the best inappropriate to the Church’s life.

The motive for that, the Church teaches the holiness as human fulfillment and, implicit, as our getting out from embarrassment.

But the holiness is not a slogan.

It is no big lie.

The holiness is not something for the future…or for world from beyond.

But it is here, in Orthodox Church, the same from the beginning, because the Church presents Holy Relics.

And we do not keep them hidden but at sight. All touch them, all pray to them and, on each in part, the Saints of God help them.

Therefore, today, we honor all canonized Saints by the Orthodox Church and those unknown to us.

If a national Orthodox Church canonized some Saints than they are Saints of whole Orthodoxy.

But every place Orthodox has its Saints still uncanonized and which not are less Saints. And the important thing is to keep alive the lamp of their lives, we pray them and we follow their example.

Church gives birth at Saints. And they are full of grace and good works, of theology and wisdom. And each of us can follow the example, because the salvation is for everyone.

God fills us with His glory for that to understand the endless beauty of Him. Amen!

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