Sermon on the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost [2012]

My Beloved,

After Romanian Saints Sunday, the Evangel’s day [Mat. 6, 22-33] problematizes the care.

And not in the sense that we should not care about tomorrow but, contrary, that the real care is the spiritual and not the earthly.

For this means „seek first the Kingdom [of God] and His righteousness” [v. 33, cf. GNT]: to have as primary care the cleaning of passions and the knowledge of God, for that from these is born the real life.

Also, today, we celebrate the birth of Saint John the Baptist, whom Luke described in Luk. 1, 5-25; 57-80.

Birth toogreat, because it was announced by Angel and spent at old age but and key element in the economy of salvation, as long as Saint John was the Forerunner of the Lord.

And the feast blends beautifully with Matthew 6 for that shows us that the Orthodox life is not easy.

Orthodox life is full of difficulties, dangers, the contestations…

Because every day we pass various tests of faith, from the most serious theological issues and to those who seem indifferent from point of view theological but they are not.

And this, for that every virtue and everything we do have internal repercussions.

The good full of grace which we do represents our inner light. And all that is against the truth, of good deed, of justice is dark.

It is an existential darkness.

It is the state that we escape, if we want, through repentance and confession of sins.

Therefore, the principal care is that to disembarrass us of bad.

Poverty, daily difficulties, diseases are and consequences of sins but and moments of humiliation, of straightening.

 But if we seek God and obey His commandments, then we are already rich, already fulfilled in our lives because we are full of purity and wisdom of God.

Thus Orthodoxy pleads for action, for work… but for the work to spiritualize. That makes you get over passions.

Remaining in care, in obsession of care, is not a viable solution!  The disinfestation of it is remaining in faith, in the entrusting that God, Who is always present in us and with us, knows where He leads us.

And the Lord assures us that God knows our needs [Mat. 6, 32]. That our needs are real and pressing.  But that their resolve has no sense if we are not full of His glory.

Health, wealth, beauty, all other social advantages are gifts of God which must be lived in faith. For that only such they fulfill us.

Without faith in God and without the wisdom of orthodox life every thing, even ourselves, transforms us in idols.

And obsessive care is an idol.

It is selfish care, passionate…that we believe that all we deserve.

For this care is a dark: for that it is ready to step over corpses for its selfish benefit.

Therefore, to seek to enrich in the feeling of God and in total entrusting in His hands! For that He knows our hearts and He will fulfill our life into a divinely mode. And thus we will understand that fulfillment is life with God and that this never ends. Amen!

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