Sermon on the 4th Sunday after Pentecost [2012]

My Beloved,

The Roman centurion from today’s Evangel [Mat. 8, 5-13] is a man with a good soul.

He puts soul for those under his direction, he is interested of them…and does not treat them like animals.

Or as some…human scraps.

He is a man with soul into a world and into an army where the weak was a burdena shame

You had to fight…and not to stay sick.

But our centurion…he forgets, for a moment, on the 99…for the one who was paraliticos/ paralytic [v. 6, according to GNT] and he ask from the Lord his healing.

How so much familiarity between leader and subordinate? A legitimate question…

If it was a bad relationship between the two, ie homosexual, and therefore centurion had come to plead for healing his servant, surely the Lord would have rebuked this, as did with the Pharisees.

With the Pharisees that said one…reasoning another…and they wanted to kill Him.

But the verses 10-12, in which the Lord praise pistisul/ the faith of the centurion, shows us that between centurion and pes/ servant was a worthy friendship, through that the centurion understood and he was sympathetic with the deplorable state of his servant.

It did not stand at the middle…a trivial interest…but a noble desire: healing that who suffers terrible/ horrible.

And the verses 8-9 show us the content of faith praise of the Lord: the confidence in Him who heals us.

The confidence in Him who would heal us…and the giving to Him for that Him to heal of us.

Ie faith is trusting in God in everything…even if we do not see any horizon of peace, of change of the situation.

For that the miracle „interested”…is the one in that we want a good without changing our lives.

We want to rain money at us, on windows or get out now, on place, of who knows what constriction with door financial or medical.

But not by thought does not give us to change our lives.

And God helps us understand how to change ourselves! Gives us to understand the continue surprises of the life in the faith.

For holiness is constantly changing and real of life and not a game.

You become unrecognizable to those who believed that they know you.

Unrecognizable in good works…and not in turpitudes.

And our centurion, of today, proves more faithful than all Israel [v. 10]…Than the believers of Israel, that followed the Law but they did not understand its ghost.

For the centurion believed that His word is savior. It is healing. Gives life!

And praying for another, he healed interior and on himself. For that the good heals…and it radiates around.

Therefore I do not like to talk too much about antichrists, about all sorts of memorable madman…and I am not frightened of them…for that, on me, the holiness terrifies me the most.

For holiness, majesty and overwhelming wealth of divine grace is the largest and most beautiful frightening.

In Orthodoxy, the trembling is full of beauty. In comparison with the Protestantism, where the trembling is a fear deprived of grace.

Because our God, of all, is a frightening Beauty that attracts us just because is the sweetness and the beauty of our life and of all creation.

God wants us pure through ascetic efforts, ie full of the faith that adorns us.

And therefore let’s pray the Lord to fill us with confidence in Him, with the confidence that He can save us from all evil. Amen!

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