Sermon on the 5th Sunday after Pentecost [2012]

My Beloved,

In today’s Evangel [Matt. 8, 28-34, 9, 1] we find a very antisocial attitude: lack of enjoyment to heal others.

Not participating obstinate, malicious to the joy of others.

Lack of care, of attention to others…

In this case, opposite the two men demonized, healed by the Lord…of that those from the land of Gadarinilor [v. 28, according to GNT] not enjoyed [v. 34].

But today we do the same…when we love the cancan, the mockery at others. For gossip nauseous is a minimizing of other and a nonparticipation at his life.

Only that the gratuitous wickedness does not last long. But the good is and will remain an eternal joy.

And the participation of the healing of others, at his joy, at his fulfillment is a sign of inner goodness, of spiritual depth, of spiritual beauty.

For in practical situations of life…we show who we are or who presuppose that we are.

And if we consider that the care for sensibilities of others is not important we show that we have faith stained by selfishness, lack of communion’s perspective.

The ones from Gadarinos had „tin aghelin ton hiron”/ „herd of pigs” [v. 31, according to GNT].

But, in the same time, and „dio demonizomeni” / „two demonized” [v. 28, according to GNT]…living in „ton mnimion”/ „graves” [Ibidem] and they were „halepi lian”/ „very violent/ fierce/ savage” [Ibidem].

This thing when, the Law prohibited the growth of pigs and, implicit, the consumption of meat of pork.

But pigs as dwelling for demons are an image of the soul full of vices. For many sins together create the inside vault in that the demons like to live…according as the pigs like dirt aqueous.

And demons, who knew Jesus as the Son of God [v. 29, GNT]…require the entry into pigs…in pigs bred with aversion to Law…because the demons like the evil, the dubious, lack of piety, the ugly, the unjust things, things made ​​from high opinion of himself

Demons, these spiritual beings, speak from the two demonized [v. 31].

And the Lord answers them, to these beings real and selfish, and He gives them permission to enter in the herd of pigs…who suddenly goes haywire…and cast into the sea [​​v. 32] …

This for that to understand the malice of demons but and the compulsions to evil lived of two demonized.

And demons are the same, they do the same evil acts, they behave as the dictatorial with people…only some of us try to minimize their presence or to distort it

But they, demons, are quotidian realities in our lives…because our battle is with them and their influences.

They are „myths” just for those who do not know the evil, the callousness, the envy, the roughness of them.

For that the demonization is at the antipode of the deification.

And he who is filled with the grace of Most Holy Trinity grows in holiness, on when he who grows in wickedness, grows in ontological disfigurement. Because the sin is inner ugliness, depersonalization.

And the ingratitude of Gadarinilor was observed massive then when „pasa i polis”/ „whole city” prayed the Lord to come out of their boundaries…of their land [v. 34, according to GNT]…and He departed [Matt. 9, 1].

For He, the Lord, did not oppose to their…because it does not exist love with the force.

Love with the force is called rape…and God do not want „Saints at norm”.

He wants responsible love, the total dedication of life and not a hypnotic slavery.

But where the Lord withdraws…Satan does ravages. And they do these things in despite the fact that they know that they will be tormented for the evils on that they do now [v. 29, according to GNT].

And, here, we have ingratitude, therefore, in comparison with the Roman centurion, who came to the Lord for the healing of his subaltern.

For that we must to know that the good is not always rewarded with good…but that the good is always a fulfillment of ours.

And that the healing is a joy, the gratitude is happiness, the good is happiness, the beauty is joy, the living with holiness is a joy…a joy that it rests on many…and continuously.

Therefore God gives us wisdom to know how to appreciate joy, health, honor, beauty of people. Give us joy to enjoy of all and of everything around us. For if our life is not a holy perfume is a failure. Amen!

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