Sermon on the 8th Sunday after Pentecost [2012]


My Beloved,

The atmosphere of today’s Evangel [Mt. 14, 14-22] can be understood very well through the prism of participation at the Referendum of today, July 29, 2012.

For that the Lord multiplied five loaves and two fishes [v. 17]…that satisfied „about five thousand men [andres osi pentachishilii] without [horis] women and children [ghinecon che pedion]” [v. 21, according to GNT].

Namely a number of approximately 15.000 souls, if we think that every man had a wife and even a child.

Only that, most families Hebrew, had more than one child

A mass of people close to obey the Lord and to heal diseases [Mt. 14, 13-14].

A crowd that followed Him on foot [pezi, Mt. 14, 13, acc. GNT] and that not thought, in the first row, at the narrow perspective of immediate utility.

Namely they have proceeded that Romanians that do not give their vote for a bag of sugar, flour and oil or for other pecuniary promises…but that come to vote for a much wider and solidarity perspective, that is for Romania.

For if you narrow vote, only for your good selfish…we cannot live well.

For that a country has needs of internal cohesion, of common goals, of national identity, religious, economic, cultural.

We cannot live in indifference to others…for that such the society is transformed into a jungle, in the theater of violence and of alarming criminality, in distressing landscape of promiscuous and the ugly, of the disgraceful.

But all members of a country must take attitude to its present…for to indicate to it the future.

If we want a prosperous Romania, dignity, free of the past’s sequels, that to impose through what is and makes, we must build it at unison, beyond our perspective political or religious.

For that we must to see in constructive mode our contribution to our nation and at the existential context of this century.

The wonder of multiplication of loaves and fishes of the Lord is a paradigm of communion.

It was the prefiguration of endless and bloodless multiplication of the only Sacrifice of on the Cross at every Holy Liturgy…but is and the prefiguration of the Kingdom of God, where we feed, with all, from the sight of the Most-wanted, of our Trinitarian God.

Now, for that we are in a bodily life, in that we need and of food and of rest and of health protection, we need of food for the soul as we need of food for the body.

And Holy Eucharist, like our Lord, God and man in the same time, is both seen and unseen, divine and human, for that through the impartation with Eucharistic Christ, we are filled with the glory of His deity too beautiful.

The Bread and the Wine of the Proskomedia, served at the Divine Liturgy, is transfigured into the Body and the Blood of Christ with true

Only that the Lord allows us to see, further, Bread and Wine, due of our weakness…although there is He, the Lamb of God, crucified and risen for the life of the world.

And those who ate this bread too great and the fish too blessed „in the desert” [is erimon topon, Mt. 14, 13, acc. GNT] they felt good, namely full of grace.

For that the truly good, is the good which comes down from God.

And what comes down from God is His grace, felt and seen by us in many ways and who gives to taste peace, joy, purity, reconciliation, serenity, humility of God, ie the moods deep and clear, full, it reconciles man in the relation with Him.

A mass of people of such amplitude…and yet the Lord did not need of station of amplification.

He did not speak at megaphone

For that the folk came to hear and to see His facts.

The crowd came hungry of Him…that’s why it forgot to take its food.

And forget to think of you…only when you see a superior good, one that exceeds, transcends your own existence.

And we, at the Romanian Revolution of December 1989, we saw people on the streets looked to a reality more important than their single condition: the freedom and the dignity of Romania.

Ie of the country where, with all, we want to live and learn and work…and die in peace.

For that here we have our past, our ancestors, our identity…even if you we opt to go to another country, in another existential space.

If it is that we leave…we take Romania with us, in our heart…

But it, real one, is here, is only here…and if we want to protect it must be solidary. To unite the votes, the forces, the vocations for to define our future.

Yes, here, in solitary place, the Lord teaches us where and how His Church is founded.

For that His Church was founded on the place devastated of idolatry, of all kinds of materialistic and idealistic philosophy, on the place where, yesteryear, people raised the hosannas to the demons.

His Church was founded on the ruins of a Mosaic literalist religion and of a disconcerting diversity of pagan religions.

That was founded on a desert of spiritual life.

Only that this desert of the world was filled of His glory, of His life, of His beauty, there where people believed and were baptized and lived into the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.

Namely the divine truth, revealed by the Trinity is the foundation of the Church…and in this Church of the Trinity are continually multiply spiritual food of the Eucharist and the words full of divine life.

For that we to be alive, we must live through His words…and through the impartation with Him, with the Life of the world.

For that to remain a nation and do not to transform continuous into a mass of maneuver for groups of financial interests we must go out to Referendum over 10 million people, for that Romania to see of its future.

Because there are historical moments, that the one of now, as in 1989, in that you cannot be absent.

And you cannot be absent for that this moments regard us all…and not a particular political faction.

Similarly, we cannot be absent, through faith and our lives, from the Orthodox Church, from the Church of God.

For that the Orthodox faith, the only salvation, is life and light of the world.

And life and light cannot take furlough for that they represent our normality.

All who gather around of the same Chalice expect a single Kingdom: on the Trinity.

For that a single cosmos created God, with a variety full of grandeur and wisdom, and He gathered us as on a single flock of a single Shepherd.

And without Him we cannot be alive spiritually!

Therefore we exhort continuous, on all members of the Church, at the continuous confession of sins and at the continuous impartation with the Lord, for that He and only He is life and our spiritual health.

God give us wisdom to be together in the Church and together in Romania!

For that only unity means power and the real power is full of dignity and honesty. Amen!

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