Sermon on the 12th Sunday after Pentecost [2012]

My Beloved,

Often, in today’s Evangel [Mt. 19, 16-26], is emphasized the fact that the renunciation at wealth and at world, namely the monachism, is, at fact, the supreme fulfillment of the man.

However the supreme fulfillment does not stay in renunciation…but in what you receive from God behind the change of the life.

Behind the real change of interior of our being.

For that Mt. 19, 21 does not end with the renunciation of wealth but with…the following of Christ.

Therefore, the monachism, so, in simple mode – I go, I become monk…and thus I am „above” of laymans – not means „fulfillment”.

But the fulfillment/ the evangelical perfection consists in the following of God.

Ie in the sanctification of life.

And sanctification of life can be done anywhere and not just in the Monastery.

But for Matrimony, for Monastery, for Priesthood, for every good work and saving on this world…exists the calling from above.

And if you pray to Him, if you expect from Him the sense of your life…God enlightens your mind and gives you to understand what to do with your life.

Therefore we must understand that here, in this Evangel, the Lord answered punctually to the interior life of a young…which the Lord told him to give up at his central passion: the annexation of wealth.

Now however not all are with the eyes after money.

Others are centered on other passions.

And at each in part the Lord would be indicated our passion: renounce at good opinion about your intelligence, renounce at your centering on the beauty of your body, renounce at your intellectual laziness; renounce at your avidity after pleasures of all kinds; renounce at your heresies and crazy opinions in that you believe etc.

Ie He would be indicated the root of our decadence.

Why we fight the step on place…and not have a real spiritual growth in knowledge and in the experience of God’s glory.

Ie He had spoken personalized…as and the young of today.

But God speaks to us in consciousness and through all what happens in our lives…about our passions.

Any failure of ours into a sin, any disease which we live, every infelicity, chicanery, scrape lived by us…makes us to visualize our passions. They talk about us…

Ie our internal life and social are paths of awareness of our sins and passions.

And in as far as we find our passions on both we have to work, interior, with ourselves.

But the passions are baneful wealth which we must to escape. To escape for to fill us of God’s grace, together wherewith to work multiple divine virtues.

The filling of virtue, which is the positive side of things and not the renunciation of our passions…is the scope of our life!

We give up at bad for that to fill us with good. For that to grow in holiness. And the growth in holiness means the following of Him.

But the following of Him is interior…

Is the filling of His virtues, of the virtues which describe/ whereof gives testimony the holy books of Orthodoxy.

And home or at the Monastery, at work or on the street, in Church or anywhere…to follow Him…means to be filled with His glory and of the fulfillment of His commandments, ie of His virtues.

Therefore do not self-deceive us when is word about our salvation!

Not just the rich, people with wealth, will enter in the Kingdom with weight [discolos]/ with hardly/ in difficult mode [v. 23, acc. GNT]…but all those who are rich in passions.

Either as passion…it is a weight, a burden, a grip in trap…and not a happiness.

For that passion keeps you captive, asks you sins, requires you to step on your conscience, requires you to be a little man, a depraved…

Therefore the problem of salvation is not statistical but relational.

You are not saved for that you gave both to the Church, for that you did that and that and…other thing…but for that you did all in the grace of God and together with Him.

The salvation is relation, is intimacy with God, is honesty of conscience and confession before Him, the One who knows and why we do a thousand of good things and why we do a hundred of the bad things.

And if at we, at men, someone is our friend or buddy or we respect him for that has a good comportment or is worthy or funny or is working…or is brilliant in what he does…all the more in relation with God does not have precedence the statistics, do not have precedence the lawyer’s subterfuges, do not have precedence the terms of maturity of banks…but the profound sincerity of the feelings, of thoughts and of our gestures.

He sees how honest we were in good but and when we sinned.

With what thought we did good deed…and with what thought the sin.

For that not all sin equally and not all do good things too, even if sins and good deeds have the same name.

But the intensity, the involvement, the honesty in deeds, the coherence of facts…gives us the perfection required by the Lord at v. 21.

And we live His glory, here, in our Church, home, at Monastery, on the field, on the road, in bed, at writing table, while we watch TV or PC, anywhere…and anytime…on measure of our honesty and our involvement in Orthodox life.

We can taste always from His truths and from the feeling of His glory…and what seemed impossible…becomes possible. With God the all becomes possible [v. 26].

But possible in our soul, in our depth, in our change in good.

A very invigorating message at the end of the liturgical year.

Now, in the last Sunday of the ecclesiastical year 2011-2012, God reminds us that He is our fulfillment, our real fulfillment…and that all our renunciations, large or small…are for that to live, continually, together with Him.

The ascesis, with other words, is accomplished in mystical indwelling/ hidden/ deifying of God in ourselves…and this is the fulfillment that fulfilled us with true.

Without it any year is no good, no moment is not beautiful, no eternity is not happy.

For this motive, dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, we must seek happiness in God…for that He awaits with eagerness to dwell in us as real and our eternal happiness!

Make us dwellings/ churches of God, in which He to throne in the souls and in our bodies, that Light that enlightens us and sanctifies us to eternal life.

Happy new years for the new ecclesiastical year 2012-2013, God give us to be even more orthodox in every moment and fill us with divine gifts…from which we to give, continually, and to others! Amen.

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