Sermon on the 18th Sunday after Pentecost [2012]

My Beloved,

Are few those who were left caught by God from the first!

Who have accepted, from a date, His call.

But with such men God made history…ie He created His Church. With men with all dedicated to His service.

Just therefore are few who have passed through a radical conversion…Fulminant. Who passed from a foolish life…at ecclesial one.

They know the difference between before and after…but and the joys and the risks of to be Orthodox.

For that Evangel’s day [Lk. 5, 1-11] is about the listening from the first…about His immediate following…and not about exploratory, changes in the years, various evasions

Saint Apostles Peter, James and John, after most-wonderful fished, „left all [and] they followed Him” (v. 11, cf. GNT). Just therefore they were the only ones that saw Him in glory on Tabor…for that they were men from one piece.

Energetic, decided, determined to great things.

For who can serve and preach world with relevance, with pathos, converting…than men that burn like torches?

And at what else we are called with all than at holiness?

And how to burn for God as a light set in a candlestick…if you do not proper your filling with light from above, divine, ie with His light?

Therefore, the Church needs man through that to shake the world…to speak to the world on its meaning…and against its bad habits.

For that the truths of God, proclaimed by the Church, change radically the faithful man.

They are living truths, transfiguring and not empty oratory.

They are truths that become our own interiority, our own mode of being. Are truths that reconfigured our existence and not simple informations.

Just therefore must be proclaimed truths of God and believed…for to be others. Always others

And listening today’s Evangel, maybe you said the question: what has caught fish, be it and in excess, until breaking nets (v. 6)…with conversion?

But the Saint Apostles, three, saw His power… and fruits of obedience to Him (v. 5-6)…and just this thing amazed them.

Amazed the living example of the Lord.

It was converted

In synodal edition from 1988 (a Romanian scriptural edition), at v. 9, is spoken about of their fear, of the 3…at the sight of the catching miracle so many fishes…that sinking boat.

But in GNT we have the substantive tamvos that means amazement, wonder, astonishment…

For that you cannot be converted by something negative, ie a terror, a misunderstood fear.

Terror, fear, scaremongering trembling, the interior states that are not full of divine peace and joy are states which you live then when the demons are crossing you.

But on our Apostles changed/ converted just a spiritual state, a very positive one: the wondering of the power and of the mercy of God.

Overcome them the mercy and His power.

Power of His mercy towards them…

Thing which lived and Saint Paul, on the road to Damascus, when he saw filled with the glory of Which he persecuted…Which considered void

For that they, being fishermen, knew how to catch fish. And the fish that depended their life…

They could not play…with food and with money for tomorrow…thing which we know it from enough

Life makes you to be serious.

And as to be serious must be professional in your work…for that otherwise you are not taken into account.

But they worked drudgingly all night and had taken nothing (v. 5)…in spite of their professional experience.

And when they saw fishes…come in the same place where they had been fishing all night…they understood, from a fire, that fishes came at His commandment, the One who commanded them to fish …and Who knew that they had taken nothing…and that they needed that fish…as the air.

Keeping the proportions, the Lord came to some people that were looking for work…but nobody engaged them.

Or came to some that they had seen, with a vengeance, helplessness…although they knew all what need for to catch fish.

With other words, without God’s help we cannot do what we know very well to do.

We cannot exclude Him any moment of our lives…because He is the One that illuminates our minds wherever we go and whatever we do for to fill us with understandings and good feelings…as the netful of fish.

Yes, the netful with fishes is the icon of the Church, of the Kingdom of God but also of our interiority!

All those who enter through Baptism in Church are fishes of God’s mercy that He gathered us together as we strive for to be together and in His Kingdom.

But in the same time all our virtues, full of the grace of God, are like nets that give the outside of the multitude of fishes.

We must gather many virtues in ourselves for to give and others from peace and from joy and from our spiritual beauty.

And whenever…and wherever we are…the divine beauty of clean life and full of theology…will be a rare treasure, enlightening for all.

And if the Apostles came after Lord, because they were hurt by the love and His mercy…whoever will see ourselves that follow God will hurt the heart of the beauty of this example.

Only that our example must be the real one, categorical, without hypocrisy…through that all may see that we are full of the zeal of God, the longing for God, the joy of to be with Him.

This is the motive for that to be Orthodox not means to have a service from 7 until 16…whereupon you can undress of robe of Christianity and you see…of postmodernity on further.

But Orthodoxy for us is the divine garment of any moment wherewith we dressed ontological…and that we do not want get naked never.

For that to be with God…it’s amazing.

It’s amazing not only when you convert…and understand that you were living worse than animals… for that you did not know Him…but He is amazing in any moment.

It’s amazing and when He let you suffer.

When He let you be tempted, hurt, distressed, unloved, cursed, given all the walls.

Not to mention how amazing He is when fills you with grace, miracles, divine discoveries, of high understandings.

It’s amazing because it’s not boring. And neither repetitive.

With God you have no time to yawn…for that He gives you still have something to do and to understand.

Just therefore I do not understand Orthodox Christians who don’t have searches, do not worry godly, no weakness, no heavenly joy.

I do not know how is that you do not have heavenly joy…for that from the moment of my conversion…and with much before…I was full of joy, of search, of understandings, of the fact to go on

How not want to go further in knowledge, in joy, in holiness?

How to abandon the road to the Kingdom for a word, for a fall into sin, from cause of another person?

The joy, the fulfillment, the beauty are inside of us…and every falling from them must be directed through repentance.

Again and again to return at repentance and at confession of our sins!

Again and again to return to a deep understanding of theology and at a balanced ascesis, fulfilling!

Again and again to return to ourselves, to our personal mode of to be, at the capacities and the gifts that we have…and be thankful for them!

For that the things of God come by itself…if we are with all concentrated in wonder of Him.

Thus, let us marvel of the love and the beauty of our God Trinitarian, the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost God!

Let us marvel at His creation and the culture of the whole world!

To see profound the difference between here and beyond, of His Kingdom, which has no resemblance!

And on us, on all, God fills us with joy to marvel at everything that is beautiful and deeply in this world, for that to rise to the understanding of His glory in continuous mode, now and ever and forever. Amen!

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