Sermon on Sunday the 20th after Pentecost [2012]

My Beloved,

We live in times in which death is very present, for that grinder’s disease. Bites of us the disease of the sin that gives birth the death of soul and of body.

And for that we are too clogged to death, therefore we loose from calculation the resurrection. But the resurrection is absolute for us, for that it keeps of us and prepares the final, from the coming of the Lord into glory.

Therefore today’s Evangel [Luke 7, 11-16] proposes us to talk about the inner resurrection, about spiritual life, which stays at basis the resurrection of all.

For pity, attention, the help, the responsibility for others are the consequences of an active spiritual life.

And for that they exist we must rise from the dead.

How? Through repentance.

Repentance, which presupposes tears, but tears that enlightens the mind and enjoys heart.

For the Lord stopped the tears of natural pain in excess (v. 13) but no and the tears of beautify spiritual.

The tears of repentance clean on the inner man and therefore they are tears that bring the joy.

And the new life, built on repentance, on the return unto God, births always life. For that every good deed is a proof of spiritual health and births spiritual health.

And when we speak of spiritual life, we speak of the fact of to be full of grace and to do, together with God, the evangelical facts of Orthodox life.

And, behold, why we need of resurrection! For that spiritual life cast out the death from our being.

Yes, does not get rid of diseases entirely and nor death…but they no longer master inside, if we are into the grace of the Most Holy Trinity.

And without this spiritual weight we live an immense freedom of conscience.

And on it we want and into it to live, now and for ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen!

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