Sermon on the 24th Sunday after Pentecost [2012]

My Beloved,

In today’s Evangel [Lk. 8, 41-56] we have, once, on dinamis/ power (v. 46, acc. GNT) and, secondly, we have speaking about resurrection that salvation (v. 50, acc. Ibidem).

For that the power of God, ie His glory, it heals the woman unhealed by doctors…while the resurrection from the dead of the daughter of Jairus means evidence of God’s power and of the immortality of the soul.

The same power of God healed the woman and raised on the child.

Thing that show the immense potencies to transfigure of the human being through glory of God.

Therefore, in Orthodoxy, is expected transfiguration of all creation and not a dissolution of the world.

The new heaven and the new earth from Rev. 21, 1 not means their abolition but their transfiguration.

For in Orthodox theology, the creation is based on Gods grace and therefore the transfiguration is interior of the creation and it’s not external.

And man resurrected is a new man, transfigured…but with his body and his soul and with consciousness itself transfigured.

For is a heretical opinion that, which support an eternity of souls without bodies.

Resurrection of the dead means transfiguration of bodies by God’s grace and the turning of the souls in these bodies, which shows the richness of their inner holiness.

Therefore starting now we can live the glory of God, by which we will raise from the dead. In Church we can live the deifying power of God’s glory, through that we taste the joy of eternal life.

And without this experience we cannot have a safe faith about eternity.

Because we have need by the certainty of eternity for our spiritual life.  And in measure in that we have this certainty, we have and the joy of eternal life.

And be like God enjoy us all with His grace, as into the joy of His grace to enjoy forever. Amen!

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