Sermon on the 22th Sunday after Pentecost [2012]

My Beloved,

What it means to be merciful? To be open to men and to all creation. To be in the state of attentive and loving man.

The thing which today’s Evangel [Lk. 16, 19-31] tells us then when shows us on Lazarus. The poor man, whom only dogs saw him…

For the lack of compassion means the lack of attention. Means not see people deeply and whole creation.

And in comparison with us, God sees well. He sees in the depths of our being.

Therefore He doesn’t save on poor for that is poor but the salvation is for those who want it.

The rich reaches in Hell for that he was not communional.  He liked people for to be in their society but not for to know them.

Saint Lazarus reaches in Paradise because he had incurred on the bad of life. Ie he supports the weight of existence.

And then when you know the brunt of life, you know to respect people’s lives. And people love you, for that they love in you the delicacy, your personal distinction.

Today’s pericope is the divine proof that souls of the dead are alive after death. That the eternal life, now, is a life with spiritual beings and with living souls.

Simultaneously, we find that the Heaven and the Hell are real places in eternity and not metaphorical.

And that the Saints are alive at God because He is their live. For their live is the glory of God, for that, still here, the Saints were seers of God.

But, in the same time, here we find that the marvel does not convert one who has not good heart. For that you must seek, to have open heart for God and for people.

For the wonder is considered a simulacrum then when wickedness from heart doesn’t let you see the truth, the evidence.

But the fulfillment of God’s commandments leads us at the life with God. The God’s life, which is the uncreated grace and sanctifying.

And when we pray for the dead, we pray for that they to be filled with His grace. For to be seen by Him forever. And this is the communion with God and with His Saints, which we want it with all.

But for to be seen, we must see. We must see…and we see ourselves. And when we speak about the view of self, we refer, in fact, at this divine perspective of purifications of passions.

Without it we cannot see clear, as God wants us to see.

God give us to see the profound from others for that to praise Him with magnitude of the hearth! Amen.

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